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How To Install Cheats in Tlauncher 1.18.2

Hey there! In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Cheats in Tlauncher 1.18.2. We can do that by downloading a Aristois Client. What is it? Aristois Client will help you get Cheats in your Tlauncher 1.18.2, you can find all kinds of different cheats like Wall Hack(XRay), AimBot and Kill Aura. Let’s go and find out How To Download Cheats in Tlauncher 1.18.2!

Download links are down below

Were you wondering How To Install Cheats in Tlauncher 1.18.2 or How To Download Cheats in TLauncher 1.18.2? Then this article is perfect for you! Cheats are a great option for you to use in TLauncher if you want to troll your friend or you just simply want to cheat in Tlauncher. I will show you everything from the scratch so don’t worry about anything.

Before we begin

I have you to ask to do something. It would mean a lot to me if you can take a deep breath and just focus on what you are reading. It will prevent the failure for you and it will save so many questions for me. However, if you find any issue you can contact me any time and I will always help you without any problems. I’m almost 24/7 active so I will answer ASAP

First off

Let’s get started! First off, click on the link down below. This will take you to my redirection website, click download again. You will appear on the Aristois Client website where you can download the aristois client with no problems. Drag and drop the installation to the desktop and double click on that. After it’s open click on Continue, choose Minecraft then pick up Vanilla Launcher and click on Continue.

What now?

Wait a couple of seconds and finally Aristois client is installed! Click on Tlauncher, in Tlauncher choose Aristois version and click Play. If you’re already in Minecraft 1.18.2 create a new world or go to your current world. With Right Shift you can open the GUI. Now you’ll see all those different options so choose whatever you want and there it is! Now, you know How To Install Cheats in Tlauncher 1.18.2!

Enjoy the cheats in TLauncher!

Press right shift and the menu will appear. You can then do lots of things. Find whole bunch of different options to get Xray, Minimap or Autominer! Go through the options and just choose whatever you want. You finally have cheats in TLauncher 1.18.2 so just enjoy it! But be aware of using it on the servers, you might get banned for it. Obviously, no cheating on the servers!

That’s it

That is completely everything for this tutorial on How To Install Cheats in TLauncher 1.18.2! I hope I have helped you all and if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me like I said earlier. Check out my second website about Tech Stuff, you will find lots of interesting things there. You can check out my YouTube channel as well. It may be easier to see this tutorial in video format.


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