In this simple tutorial article, you’ll learn How To Add Google Adsense to Your WordPress website and finally make money from ads! It’s really simple but It takes a time to get your ads shown on your website. After I requested to approve my website, I waited 12 days to get approved. I will also show you what you should do to get approved from Google Adsense without problems. Read the whole article, every point I write is really important. Let’s start!

1. Sign Up For Google Adsense

The first thing you should do is going to Adsense website and sign up. Paste in your website’s URL, your e-mail and click on continue, after you sign up, go to sign in and sign in. Wait after your account will be approved.

2. Go To Websites and add your website

After your Google Adsense Account is approved, go to websites and click on add website, enter your website’s URL and hit enter. Once you do that google should ask you if you want to have automatic ads from Google adsense. I recommend you to do that. If you want to do that just simply copy the code and go to wordpress. You have to install plugin called Insert Headers and Footers, click on plugins and install plugin and search for Insert headers and footers, click on download and then activate it. Once you do that go to settings -> insert headers and footers, you will see scripts in header and that is where you have to paste in your code, so copy that automatic ads code from google adsense and paste it in the scripts in header, then scroll down and click save.

3. Wait after your website is approved

Now, the only thing to do is wait. Google adsense is reviewing your website now, but to get approved you have to check out these things:

Make sure you have About page, Contact Page

Create About page in your website, this will help people to get known who you are, you should say who you are what is this website about and what content you are gonna upload on the website. The contact page is really important too, it is for people who wants to contact you because of something ( maybe a problem or an offer )

Create Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy Pages

These 3 pages are super important. You can find a generator on terms & conditions and also on privacy policy and cookies policy, make sure there is written that you are going to use adsense and there will be ads which you are getting money from. Don’t hesitate and look for Terms & Conditions free generator, Privacy Policy free generator and Cookies Policy free generator ( Cookies policy is required for people from E.U, I don’t know If U.S Citizens has same requirements ). After you generate these important articles, simple copy them and create a new page in wordpress. Copy it in and save it. Make sure it is visible on your website.

Make sure you have easy navigation through the website

And the last and important thing is to make sure you have very easy website to easily navigate through. I would say that is you do everything I mentioned above, you will get approved without any problems. A lot of people says that Google adsense will approve your website within 24 – 48 hours, but I don’t think it is true. Like I said, it took 12 days to approve my website. How Long Does It Take To Approve Your Website Google Adsense? Well, google adsense say it is up to 2 weeks, so stay tuned and be patient! Google adsense will contact you via e-mail once your website is approved.

Have at least 10 posts with 300+ words, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and check if you website has SSL certificate

4. Your Website is finally Approved by Google Adsense

Congratulations! You finally got that e-mail saying that your website is finally approved and you can earn money from google adsense. Let’s make sure you get money. If you enabled the automatic ads, the ads would show up in several hours and you can stop reading from now here, but If you want to add ads manually continue reading.

5. Creating an Ad Unit

Just simply click on ads ( left sidebar ) and click on create a new ad unit, there is several option from you can choose. There are Display-Ads which is great and works everywhere, In-Feed Ads fit between the post and listings, In-Article Ads work perfectly with articles and content pages. Choose one from the options, after you clicked on the ad you want rename your ad above, for example Ad Unit 1, now click on create, you will see an HTML 5 Code, copy that code and go to wordpress. Google Adsense WordPress!

6. Download WP Quads Plugin

Go to plugins -> install plugins. Search for WP Quads, download it and active. After that click on wp quads. Go to ads and click on Ad 1 – Adsense. You will see copy/paste adsense code, click on that and paste in your HTML 5 code from adsense. You can choose the type, I recommend you to choose fixed size. Change your weight and height of the ad.

7. Display Ads on Your Website

Go to general & position, check assign — to Beginning of post, middle of post and end of the post. Change random ads to ad 1. Click on save and wait after your ad will be displayed on your website. It should take an hour or less.

Thanks for reading this simple article about Getting Adsense in WordPress Website, hope this helped you out!

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