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How To Download RLCraft! ( Java Edition / No Twitch )

If you want to know how to download and install RLCraft in Minecraft, this is the video for you! I showed you exactly how you can get the RLCraft modpack, so you can start enjoying all that RLCraft has to offer. What is RLCraft? Well, it is a realistic modpack. It is one of the hardest modpacks currently for Minecraft, so let’s go ahead learn exactly how to install the RLCraft modpack in Minecraft!

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About this video: Were you looking for How to Download RLCraft (No Twitch) or How to Install RLCraft (No Twitch) ? Then this is the video right for you! In this video you also learnt How To Install Optifine. I have showed you How To Get Optifine. Let’s go ahead and learn How To Download RLCraft (No Twitch)! What is RLCraft? RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism. It’s a popular mod for Minecraft. It also has custom scripts in order to change various to vanilla behaviors. Here is exactly how to download and install RLCraft in Minecraft! The first step in installing this modpack is downloading RLCraft. You can find the RLCraft download link in the description above. You don’t need a twitch app to install RLCraft. Download the RLCraft through the link. It’s time to install RLCraft. Make sure you have Optifine and installed Forge. Open up RLCraft file and copy all the RLCraft files and copy that into a .minecraft folder. After that open up minecraft app and start playing! You finally know How To Download RLCraft and How To Install RLCraft!