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How To Install Furniture Mod in Minecraft 1.17.1 (2021)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Furniture Mod in Minecraft 1.17.1. This is a great mod for all of you that like furniture in Minecraft. It adds so many things such as shelves, fridge, new bed types and much more. I’m so happy that It has been updated to 1.17.1 Download Furniture Mod and make your home look better!

About this article:

So it’s really easy to install furniture mod in Minecraft 1.17.1. All you have to do is to follow all of my steps that I give you. If you want to have a video tutorial on this, you can check out my second YouTube channel Toshi 98 where you will find video on How To Install Furniture Mod in Minecraft 1.17.1. Let’s get right into it!

First off

Download Forge and Furniture Mod, links are above. Simply click on the link which will redirect you to the website where you can download forge/furniture mod. Once this is done please drag and drop the files into the desktop. Now go to the search bar in windows and type %appdata% -> .minecraft -> mods, drag the furnite mod into it. The last step is installing Forge 1.17.1, open forge and install.

That’s it!

After you have installed forge now you can go to the Minecraft Launcher, choose version Forge 1.17.1 and hit that play button. Minecraft will load up and you can play Minecraft with Furniture Mod! If you like this article please read more similar posts on this website or check out my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros.

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