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How To Install Java for Minecraft! (2021)

In this video, I showed you exactly How To Download Java. Doesn’t matter you are starting a Minecraft server or install Minecraft mods, you need Java in order for them to work. This is because Minecraft runs on Java-based .jar files. Everything from Minecraft server software to Minecraft mods are .jar files, and this video shows you how to get Java for Minecraft to make all of these .jar files work!


About this video:

This video is my complete guide on how to download and install Java for Minecraft. I showed you every step of getting Minecraft Java from where to download Java in order to make sure you are getting the correct version of Minecraft to how to install Java on your PC. It is all covered in this video, let’s go ahead and learn how to download and install Java for Minecraft! Firstly, you need to go to my website, linked above, to get the correct version of Java.

If we send you directly to Java

it may not be the best one for Minecraft. If you go through my website, it is guaranteed to work for Minecraft. Once you are on my website, click on the java download link. This will take you off to Oracle’s website. Here, you will be able to start the download, and then, you will need to confirm the download. After that, Java will automatically start downloading. Again, as long as you are downloading Java from my website, it’ll work.

Once Java

is downloaded, you will want to get it on your desktop. This is just so its easier to open. At that point, just download click on the java setup file you downloaded. This will then open up a program setup installer. This is just like any other program you have installed on your Windows computer. Just click ‘next’/’install’, and the install will begin. It may take a few minutes, so don’t be alarmed if that’s the case. After Java is installed, you should now be able to install Forge, your Minecraft mods, or start your Minecraft server.


if you are still having issues with these, you may still need to run the Jarfix. The Jarfix is a easy program that fixes .jar files and the .jar file exstension and makes it work with Java again. If installing Java didn’t work for you when it comes to MinecraftJava files, this is what you need to it. It fixes it 100% of the time assuming that you have the correct version of Java installed, which you do if you’ve followed this tutorial.

You can find

the download for the Jarfix in the description above. Once you are there, just click the download button that page, and then, double-click on the Jarfix. It will instantly run and pop-up saying the .jar exstension will now work with Java. It’s that easy and that simple. And there you have it! That is exactly how to download and install for Minecraft. Whether you are looking to install Java Platform SE Binary for a Minecraft mod or a Minecraft server or just Minecraft in general, you now know exactly how to do it.

If you do have

any questions about Java for Minecraft, let me know in the comment section down below, and if we helped you get Java, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. It really helps me out, and it means a ton to me!

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