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How To Join Hypixel in PoJavLauncher (2024)

I will show you How To Join Hypixel in PoJavLauncher in this Minecraft Tutorial. This will be quite fast tutorial as It’s not that hard to join Hypixel in pojavlauncher. All you have to do is to follow my steps and do it correctly so you will achieve playing on Hypixel! Lots of people are wondering How To Play Hypixel in PoJavLauncher or any other Minecraft Versions.

IP of Hypixel is down below!

And it’s not that hard, actually even cracked players can join Hypixel! You just have to know how. And that is what I will show you today! Do you have PoJavLauncher installed? If not, I have awesome tutorial for this, check it out here: How To Download PoJavLauncher. It’s an awesome tutorial and I know that you will love it. Let’s go for the Minecraft Tutorial.

How To Join Hypixel in PoJavLauncher

I mentioned it above, it’s really not that hard. I assume you have PoJavLauncher installed so open it please. Make sure you are logged in, if you don’t have an account then make an account. Choose the version that you want to play on and hit play. The server ip is linked down below so scroll down and copy the IP of Hypixel.

Open Multiplayer and click on Add Server, paste in the IP server. Click add and you will see the hypixel server in the multiplayer tab, double tap on it and you should be able to join in! There are lots of different mods in hypixel and you will have a lot of fun playing it. There are more servers like this especially for cracked players, so if you don’t have an official account and you are logged in without the account, then you will appreciate the cracked servers.

What are the best cracked servers for PoJavLauncher

It depends on what you really want. There are more types of servers like survival, minigames or skyblock. If you google cracked servers for minecraft, you will find a great website with whole bunch of different cracked servers and you can join them in pojavlauncher without any problems! Remember, PoJavLauncher works like a Minecraft Java Edition but in a mobile.


  • Here is the IP: mc.hypixel.net

That’s it!

Thank you so much for reading this article, it’s been a pleasure writing this article just for you. You can also find me on YouTube with the same name like the website, I hink you will appreciate the video content more than this. You can also check out my second website about Tech stuff, link is about.

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