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How To Install JourneyMap in Minecraft 1.19.4 (2022)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install JourneyMap in Minecraft 1.19.4. Journeymap is a great mod for Minecraft and you will appreciate it especially if you want Map in Minecraft. This tutorial will show you how to install journeymap in minecraft and tlauncher aswell. It works perfectly for both. Let’s get right into this tutorial!

About this article:

If you want to have JourneyMap in Minecraft or Minecraft then follow all of my steps carefully. For this tutorial you will need JourneyMap and Forge, all of the necessary links are above so simply click on that and it will redirect you to the download page. Journeymap is a great mod for your singleplayer mod, you can have checkpoints, you will see where you are and much more!

First off

go to the links above, click on the journeymap link and it will redirect you to curseforge download page, download journeymap 1.19.4. Then drag and drop the file into the desktop. Please do the same with Forge, download it and drag and drop it into the desktop. Go to %appdata% and .minecraft, scroll down and open mods folder, drop all of the files into this folder. Now open TLauncher and choose Forge version.

That’s it!

Now that’s it for this tutorial! Hope this works perfectly for you if not just tell me don’t worry. If you want more Minecraft Tutorials check out this website or my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. Thank you for reading!


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