In today’s video I’m gonna show you the best MCPE Mods for 2020, you can play these mods on minecraft bedrock edition and minecraft pocket edition 1.14.60, 1.15 and even in MCPE 1.16! I’ve showed you some crazy addons in minecraft pe and you’ll definitely love these! Here is the best MCPE addons in minecraft pe! These MCPE Addons works perfectly on MCPE iOS, MCPE Android and of course Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

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Download Furnicraft for MCPE: Click here

Download StormBreaker for MCPE: Click here

Download CyberTruck for MCPE: Click here

Download Place me! for MCPE: Click here

Download Dynamic Lightning for MCPE: Click here

Download Optifine 1.15.2!:

Download Shaders for 1.15.2!:

Download Minecraft 1.15.2 for Free!:

Minecraft Tutorials here:

Make sure you have Java 🙂 Java download link :

About this video:

Were you looking for some coool mcpe mods? Then this video is right for you! You will love these minecraft pe addons I can assure you! So the first mod is a furnicraft. Furnicraft is really crazy mod and It adds a lot of new things. You can now have TV in Minecraft, Monitors, bath, flags and ventical machine! ( actually a lot of more stuff ) The second mod that I showed you is Place me! mod. You can now place your items in minecraft anywhere you want. Really cool mod. Next up is StormBreaker mod. This is a really cool one and you can have a big fun with this addon.

So basically

it adds thor’s hammer to the minecraft pe. And that is absolutely stunning! Then we’ve got the cybertruck addon which is really cool too but I don’t have anything to talk about here. The last one is dynamic lightning and that means you don’t have to place the torch and you see the light. If you know what I mean. Thanks for watching guys hope you liked this video! Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites.