In this article, I show you exactly how to download and install Minecraft 1.16.3. This will allow you to play Minecraft 1.16.3 even if it isn’t the most recent version of Minecraft. I show you how to download the Minecraft launcher, so you can start playing Minecraft 1.16.3 no matter what. Let’s go ahead and learn how to get Minecraft!

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1. Step) Download TLauncher [Minecraft Java Edition 2020] –> Click here

2. Step) After you completed instalation of the TLauncher, now you just need to open the TLauncher and select Release 1.16.3, enter your name and click install

3. Step) click on the button „Enter the game“

4. Step) So this is it! Now you can just hit play and play Minecraft 1.16.3 for FREE! Enjoy the beauty of minecraft! See you in another article 🙂