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This blog is my complete guide on How To Download Minecraft RTX Beta. From where to download the RTX Minecraft with Xbox Insider Hub to how you can install the RTX Beta in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, I cover it all in this video, so you will be able to get Nvidia RTX in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Let’s go ahead and jump right on into How To Join Minecraft RTX BETA!

About this video:

Were you looking for how to play Minecraft ray tracing? or how to join minecraft RTX beta for free? Then you’ll love this article! It’s pretty simple process and everyone can do it, just follow my steps. If you want Minecraft Windows 10 Edition version 1.14.60 back ( or just wanna leave the beta ) you gotta go to Xbox Insider Hub and go to insider content, click on Minecraft and leave the beta. Then go to microsoft store and uninstall Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, then install it again and you will have your Minecraft again πŸ™‚

Steps to download Minecraft RTX Beta:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store
  2. Search for Xbox Insider Hub and download it, after that open Xbox Insider Hub
  3. On the left side there is an insider content, click on that and choose Minecraft for Windows 10
  4. Scroll down and click on Join
  5. Choose Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta click Done and then Accept
  6. Wait until It’s finished, then it will automatically switch you to Microsoft Store where Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will be updated
  7. After It’s completed, click on Play
  8. Go to marketplace and download a map for RTX Beta
  9. After you are in the world go to settings and advanced video, scroll down and enable RTX
  10. That’s it! I said it’s easy, see you next time!

Make sure you have Java πŸ™‚

Java download link : https://minecraftsketchbros.eu/java-tutorial-download/