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How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.17.1 (2021)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.17.1! This is new amazing skyblock map that you will love it. This map is really popular, you are starting with just one block and you can build a whole world with it. Let’s get right into this tutorial. This tutorial won’t take more than 5 minutes, just do what I say.

About this article:

Like I mention above this is completely free Minecraft Tutorial on How To Install One Block Skyblock 1.17.1! It won’t really take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to install this amazing Minecraft Map. It is recently so popular to play this skyblock map, you can see that on YouTube. Please follow my steps carefully so you won’t do any mistakes but If you find any issue don’t worry and contact me, I will help you.

Let’s get into that

Do you want to know How To Download OneBlock in Minecraft 1.17.1? Then this amazing Minecraft Tutorial is just for you! One block skyblock is an amazing map with only one block, you have to destroy the block and get another one, then another one…. You get me right? Most of the biggest YouTubers play it and make let’s plays on that topic and I understand you want to play One Block Survival too! Ok, let’s do it.

First off

one block skyblock download is linked above. Simply scroll up and hit the link. The link will take you to the curseforge website when you find the button on download for 1.17.1. Wait until it’s done and then drag and drop the file into your desktop. Open the windows search bar and search for %appdata%.

This will take you to

the roaming folder where .minecraft is, open it and scroll down to saves, double click on saves and drag and drop the oneblock skyblock map from the desktop in there. Make sure it’s unzipped! Now simply close all of the windows and open Minecraft. Choose the newest version which is 1.17.1 and hit that play button.

One Block Skyblock Server IP

I’ve got so many questions on One Block Skyblock Server IP, so if you want to find a one block skyblock server then you are on the right place! This server: play.oneblockmc.com is awesome and you should definitely try it out. This one block survival server is the best option for all of you out, you will fall in love with that. There are more servers like this but I guess this is the best.

That’s it!

now you know How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.17.1! It was super easy right? You can thank me later, check out my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros or this website for more Minecraft Tutorials like this. I also have a second website, you can check out it out https://techbloo.com where you can find a gaming content. There is also Minecraft Content but mostly gaming in general. I hope I see you soon!


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