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How To Install OPTIFINE in MCPE 1.18!

In this tutorial I will show you How To Install Optifine in MCPE 1.18! You want Optifine right? I teach you every single step of getting Optifine 1.18 in MCPE. From where to download Optifine to how you can install Optifine in MCPE 1.18! What will MCPE Optifine do? It will help you to stop lag, get shaders, increase FPS, and so much more things. Here is How To Download Optifine to MCPE 1.18!

About this article:

This article is my complete guide on how to download and install Optifine in MCPE 1.18. I’ll show you everything from how to download Optifine to how to install MCPE Optifine for MCPE 1.18. This MCPE Tutorial won’t take more than 5 minutes if you follow my steps carefully.

Optifine for MCPE 1.18

Optifine is really a unique mod and I’m so happy that it is finally for MCPE too! Before we begin this Minecraft Tutorial please you have to follow all of my steps carefully so you won’t make any mistakes. In case that it doesn’t work for you don’t hesitate and contact me down below. I’m more than happy to help you with everything out!

What will Optifine bring to you?

With Optifine you can get almost everything in MCPE. It is really amazing MCPE mod and you will absolutely love it. You can get amazing MCPE Shaders, you can stop lag with this amazing MCPE mod. It adds so many new things to set up in the video settings. If you want to stop lag in MCPE you should check out my tutorial on Best Optifine Settings for MCPE 1.18.

First off

I will teach you How To Download Optifine for MCPE 1.18 now. First off, go down below and click on the download link. The download link will take you to my redirection website, don’t worry just click download optifine mcpe and wait until you are on the mediafire website. From here click on the download and the download will begin.

Save Optifine

It now depends if you are on mobile or on PC. This tutorial is for MCPE that means for Minecraft on Mobiles, Android and iOS. If you want to see a tutorial on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition then don’t worry and find that tutorial on this website, I have it too. Make sure you have any software that will open .mcpack, find some File Explorer in App Store/Google store. Download and install it. Let’s keep going.

Install Optifine 1.18 for MCPE

If you have your software installed, open it. Browse your files and there should be a folder called downloads or something like that, in that folder you should find Optifine for MCPE 1.18. It doesn’t have to be in that folder tho, just look for it. Click on Optifine 1.18 and it should open in Minecraft. Once it’s installed go to the settings and resource pack, click on Optifine and activate it!

That’s it!

And that was it! Activate it and go ahead to singleplayer and create new world or join your current world. If you want more amazing Minecraft Tutorials like this you can find them on my website Minecraft Sketch Bros or on my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. That’s it for this tutorial, thanks for reading it.

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