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Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Shaders of All Times (2021)

In today’s video I’m gonna show you the Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Shaders of All times! These shaders are perfectly working for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16+. Just make sure you are not using versions above 1.16.100, since new engine you can’t use shaders in bedrock. Feel free to downgrade the bedrock until new shaders are here.


About this video:

Were you wondering which are the best bedrock shaders of all times? Then you are in the right place! I will show you all those top 5 minecraft bedrock shaders! Shaders are: Capricorn, Esbe, HSPE, Chocapic 13 and Tint 3.0 High! You will absolutely love these shaders as much as I do. Let’s get right into it!

The first one

is Tint 3.0 High which is absolutely the best bedrock shader of all time, it has stunning atmosphere, beautiful sun with waving leaves and it also has the best looking water in the game. You can try it yourself, it is absolutely stunning shader which every bedrock player should have.

The rest

of the shaders are still good. You can find there a shader esbe 2G which is personally my second best but it hasn’t have that great water as Tint 3.0 High, Chocapic 13 are the best shaders for the people who loves waving leaves and beautiful sun, Capricorn and HSPE are on the fourth and fifth place. If you want to know more check out my vidoe on my YouTube Channel.

That’s it

So thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate you all. Don’t forget to check out my website about Minecraft Tutorials called Minecraft Sketch Bros or you can check out my YT channel Minecraft Sketch Bros where you can find a lots of different helpful Minecraft Tutorial. But if you are more into gaming you can check out my second website called Cornecle.

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