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Top 5 Minecraft 1.16.5 Resource Packs (2021)

In this video, I have showed you Top 5 Resource Packs in Minecraft 1.16.5! From medieval minecraft resource packs to modern resource packs to texture packs that try their best to stay true to vanilla Minecraft, this video has a resource pack for everyone. I’m going to show you The Best Resource Packs For Minecraft 1.16.5 and also TOP 5 Resource Packs For MINECRAFT 1.16.5! It’s all in this one article. Here are the best resource packs for Minecraft 1.16.5!

About this article:

This video is my complete list of the best texture packs for Minecraft 1.16.5.If you want me to do minecraft how to install resource packs just let me know. I showed you Minecraft resource pack from modern resource packs to comic book based resource packs to everything in between. First up is the best texture pack called Faithful ( my personal number 1 ).

As the name says

Faithful’s goal as a minecraft resource pack is to stay as faithful as possible to the look of vanilla Minecraft while improving it a bit and making textures more clean and easier on the eyes. I like how Faithful is different from other Resource Packs in that it doesn’t complete change the game’s look but just improves it. Next, we have DokuCraft! DokuCraft is an incredible 1.16.5 ResourcePacks with 3 different options to choose from. It has the light version, which is brighter and more vibrant, the high version, which is a bit darker and less vibrant, and then, there is the dark version of DokuCraft, which is very dark and not vibrant at all.

All three of these options

have the same look just with different color pallets. DokuCraft in general is a Medieval based texture pack, and DokuCraft light is one of best vibrant medieval resource packs out there. From DokuCraft, we have Sphax PureBDCraft. Sphax is a resource pack that is actually based on a comic book art style. This can make it more of a cartoony texture pack, but I personally love it.

If I want to

drastically change the look of Minecraft, Sphax is how I’m going to do it. If a modern looking texture pack is more your style, Smooth Blocks is the resource pack for you! It does what the name says and takes all of the blocks in Minecraft and smooths them out. In doing this, it allows them to look more flat and modern. Thus, Smooth Blocks is our modern Minecraft texture pack!

Last but not least

we have John Smith Legacy. Another medieval resource pack, it is my favorite because it doesn’t look dark and gritty like many medieval texture packs do. Instead, it keeps things bright and fun while still making them look medieval via the textures themselves not the color. I personally like this because I want to make Minecraft fun and bright while still have a medieval look. John Smith Legacy does this.

And there you have it!

This is a list of the top 5 best texture packs for Minecraft 1.16.5. If I did help you to find your best Minecraft resource pack be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Thank you very much!


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