If you want to know how to get a minimap in Minecraft 1.16.1, this is the video for you! I showed you exactly how to download and install a minimap in Minecraft 1.16.1. I’m going to be installing Voxel Minimap in Minecraft 1.16. VoxelMap will allow you to get waypoints, see entities, and even pull up a larger map all in Minecraft 1.16.1. Voxel Map is one of the best minimap mods for Minecraft 1.16, so let’s go and get it installed!

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About this video:

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install the minimap mod in Minecraft 1.16. You can do that by downloading and install the Voxel Map mod, which is a minimap updated and fully working in Minecraft 1.16.1. Voxel Minimap is a great minimap mod that adds everything from waypoints to let you see villagers, mobs and even other players with your minimap. It creates a much more larger map of your world as you travel through more areas letting you create a better world map that you can click, and check out your entire world. Voxel Map is the best Minecraft minimap mod, so let’s go ahead and learn how to add a minimap to Minecraft 1.16.1 using Voxel Map!

The first step

of getting a minimap in Minecraft 1.16 is actually download and install the Fabric mod loader. Fabric is how VoxelMap actually install itself in Minecraft 1.16. It uses Fabric to run and add itself to Minecraft. You can find Fabric download link in the description above. Once you are there, you want to download the vanilla version of Fabric. Open up Fabric mod loader and install it. Once you have done that, it is time to download VoxelMap for Minecraft 1.16. You can find VoxelMap official download link in the description above. After you are there, scroll down and look at the right-hand side of the screen. You will see a Minecraft 1.15 section. Under that, you will see a download for Fabric 1.15.1 ( it’s called 1.15.1 but actually it is for 1.16 too ). Now, it’s time to install your minimap in Minecraft 1.16. To do this, click on the little Windows icon in the top or bottom left of your screen. After that, search for the %appdata%.

There is a .minecraft folder.

Open that folder, and you will see a mods folder. All you need to do to install a minimap in Minecraft 1.16 is drag and drop VoxelMap and the FabricAPI into this folder. Now, all you need to do in order to add a minimap to Minecraft 1.16 is to open up the Minecraft launcher, choose the Fabric version, and then, click play. Minecraft 1.16 will open up with Voxel Map installed! You now know how to download and install minimaps in Minecraft 1.16. If you have any questions about getting VoxelMap in Minecraft 1.16, please let me know in the comment section down below. If I helped you get a minimap in Minecraft 1.16, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. It means a lot to me thanks 🙂