In this article, I show you exactly how to download and install Minecraft 2020. This will allow you to play Minecraft 2020 even if it isn’t the most recent version of Minecraft. I show you how to download the Minecraft launcher, so you can start playing Minecraft 2020 no matter what. Let’s go ahead and learn how to get Minecraft!

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1. Step) Go through the link Click here

2. Step) Click on the download button and choose a platform [Windows, Linux, Mac]

3. Step) After clicking, it starts downloading TLauncher.exe, now open the downloaded file and give a permission to run on your system. TLauncher wizard appears on the screen. Now click the continue button

4. Step) Accept the terms of the license agreement

5. Step) Provide the path where you want to install Minecraft and click on the continue button. In our case, we are installing it to: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

6. Step) Additional tasks: You can select to run TLauncher, create shortcut on the desktop, also you can choose option to download and install Java [It’s necessary for the work of TLauncher and the game itself