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Minecraft Color Codes (2022)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you Minecraft Color Codes of 2022! You will see all of the colors in minecraft that you need to change the color of the text. For example, you can use it on the notice board which looks pretty cool. It’s pretty easy to use these codes and you can remember it easily. Let’s go and read this article about Minecraft Color Codes.

Color Codes:

  • Dark Red: §4
  • Red: §c
  • Gold: §6
  • Yellow: §e
  • Dark Green: §2
  • Green: §a
  • Dark Aqua: §3
  • Aqua: §b
  • Dark Blue: §1
  • Blue: §9
  • Light Purple: §d
  • Dark Purple: §5
  • White: §f
  • Gray: §7
  • Dark Gray: §8
  • Black: §0
  • Bold: §l
  • Italics: §o
  • Underline: §n
  • Strikethrough: §m
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You can use these color codes on a vanilla Minecraft server, which is a server with no mods and is not hosted on Bukkit, you can format chat with above color codes. If you want color codes for bukkit server or something like that these are not gonna work. Bukkit server etc. has different color codes.

That’s it!

I hope I helped you and If yes please subscribe to my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros and don’t forget to come back again to this website. It really helps me out and happy to make content for all of you. Getting support from you is one of the best thing on doing this and trust me it’s not an easy job. But I’m happy that I can do this and I don’t ever want to quit this job. Thanks!

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