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How To Install Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18!

In today’s article I will show you How To Install Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18! This is rešally easy Minecraft Tutorial and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. With the new version of Minecraft there is a new version of Java needed. If you want to play Minecraft 1.18 and higher, you have to have Java 17. This is really easy and i’m sure you will handle this without any problems.

Download link is down below

So were you wondering How To Install Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18 or How To Download Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18? Then you are on the right place! I will show you everything from the scratch so you can play Minecraft 1.18 without any problems. Like I said earlier, it is really necessary to have Java 17 in order to play Minecraft 1.18 or newer versions.

First thing first

Please follow my steps carefully so you wont make any mistakes. It will help you if you take a deep breath and focus on what you are reading. If you have any problem don’t hesitate and contact me whenever you can. The best option to contact me is Discord or my YouTube channel. I’m almost 24/7 there.

Let’s get into it

I suppose you have read everything above, so we can get to the work. First off, go down below where the download links are. Find Java JDK 17 and hit that “Click here” button. It will firstly redirect you to the redirection website, simply hit download button and wait a second to be redirected. Now you are on the official Java Website.

How To Download Java JDK 17?

You are now on the official Java website where the Java JDK 17 file is. It depends on what Operating System you are and if you have a 64bit or 32bit system. Scroll down and download the right file for you system, whether it is Mac, Linux or Windows. I have a Windows and 64bit system so I will download file for windows and 64bit system. This is really individual. Once it’s downloaded, drag and drop the file on the desktop.

How To Install Java JDK 17?

Now you have Java JDK 17 on your desktop. The first thing you should do is to make sure you have the right bit version. Go to This PC and right click on it, go to properties and you should find what bit version is your PC. If it’s correct then let’s continue. Go to your desktop and find the java file. Open it and hit Install. And that’s kinda everything.

What else?

Go to Minecraft and choose the newest Version, it is Minecraft 1.18.1 currently but It will change in the future. Hit play button and you should be good to go! If you have any issues you can contact me and I will help you to fix it. But I’m pretty sure that you have handled this without any problems.

That’s it

That is everything for today’s tutorial on How To Install Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18! I hope I have helped you as much as I could. This is really easy Minecraft Tutorial and everyone should handle it without any problems. Please read more of my Minecraft Tutorials on my website or visit my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. I have a second website about Tech Stuff called Techbloo.


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