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How To Install Fabric in Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install Fabric in Minecraft 1.21! Thanks to this tool, you can install mods into Minecraft! It is really a great thing in Minecraft, and as I said, if you want mods, you should either use Fabric or Forge. In today’s tutorial, I will show you this way. This is the best article that you can choose so, please trust me. We will begin from scratch, and this will be super quick.

My way is the most effective. If you are asking what is Fabric or for what do I need this thing then let me answer you. It is something you use in order to install mods, without this, you won’t be able to have it in the game. There is also one more thing, Fabric API, another mod that you should have. I have a similar tutorial on Forge as well.


Before I start talking about Optifine and why it is important for you, let me tell you what we will download in this tutorial. We will also need Fabric 1.21 and Fabric API with the same version. You have to go through two different links, but it will be easy, don’t worry. So what about Optifine? This tool works the best if you use it with Optifine. It gives you a performance boost and helps the tool work better.

If we head back to Fabric API, you may ask why do I need that? Well, in 70% of the cases, the specific mods require this in order to work, don’t ask me why. That’s why I will show you more about this because it is really needed and you should have it. Ok, let’s get right into it because I want to have this as quick as possible.

How To Download Fabric for Minecraft 1.21

Let’s get into that fast, because I know you want to do this quick. So scroll down, please, you should see a download section in there. That’s fine, I want you to take a look at that, and please click on the first link that you see. It will take you to my redirection website but don’t worry, it’s nothing wrong.

Once you are there, please click download again and then you should appear on the official website, where you can find the download section on the top and from there, you can download Fabric for Minecraft 1.21. It is really easy just click on that, and then you can take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Let’s move on to the other step. Please scroll down again and click on the second link, go through my redirection website like you did last time and then you will appear on the curseforge.

This website is literally incredible, and you can find lots of useful resources for the game. Please take a look on the right side of the website and download it for the correct version of Minecraft. Then take the file as well and drop it on the desktop. I’m sure you can do this easily, we can move on to the Installation part.


How To Install Fabric for Minecraft 1.21

I assume you have everything that you need on the desktop, let’s get into the roaming folder. It is really simple, take a look on the left-down corner of your screen, and you should see a Windows Search Bar. Please open it and then type in %appdata%, this will open the roaming folder where Minecraft is, open it.

Scroll down until you find mods, take the API mod from the desktop and drop it there, please. Then go back and scroll further to find the versions, then go into it. We have to install Fabric 1.21 now, please double click on that and go through the installation process, agree with the terms and conditions, and hit Install. Then you can just open the game and enjoy it! I hope you like this tutorial.

Is Fabric better than Forge?

This is a personal question and I think that nobody has an answer for that. Fabric offers different mods that forge, and they both work practically the same.

What does Fabric Minecraft do?

With Fabric you can play Minecraft with mods, there are lots of different mods out there.

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