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How To Install Chocapic 13 Shaders in Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.19

I will show you How To Install Chocapic 13 Shaders in Minecraft 1.21. This is quick as any other of my Minecraft Tutorials. This pack has revolutionized the whole Minecraft community. If you don’t know how to improve Minecraft graphics, you are in the right place because I will show you everything. Be aware that only a few shaders can compete with the quality like Chocapic13 Shaders 1.21.

I will also tell you some things about why you should use this shader and how you can do it. We can either use Optifine or Iris Shaders, but it depends on your PC right now. Low End PC = Sodium, Medium End, High End Device = Optifine. That’s the best setup, at least I think so. 

The best shaders!

Many people said that sodium with Iris Shaders is mainly for low end PC. Many shaders have been developed to help the players and change the whole atmosphere of the Minecraft World. It’s hard to find a reliable shader pack like Chocapic Shaders 1.21, I mean it. This shaderpack was created back in 2014, by user Choca_13.

That’s why the name, it’s logic. It is a brilliant developer and thank you for this pack. Why is this one of the best among shader packs? Because of its features are very lightweight and offer great sun rays, clear sun, waving leaves or clear water, for example. In fact, you don’t have to have a high end PC for this pack.

Before we begin, please take a deep breath and then just follow my steps. And don’t make any mistakes, you have to do it carefully, then you will achieve this amazing pack in the game. 

How To Download Chocapic Shaders in Minecraft 1.21

At first, please scroll down and find the downloads section, in there please click on the first link. It will take you to my redirection website, don’t worry it’s fine just click download again. Then you should appear on the curseforge website. You may know this website because it is great.

You can find almost everything in there, maps, shaders, texture packs and much more. Take a look on the right side of the website, there is a download section as well, please choose the correct version of Minecraft and that is 1.19. Download, and then take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Now we have to click on the second link in my download section that is down below, under this paragraph, to be specific. Go through my redirection website again, the same way that you did the first time.

Then you will appear on Optifine website where you can find the download section on the top of the webpage. Choose the correct version again and then drop the file on the desktop. I’m sure you can handle this.


How To Install Chocapic Shaders in Minecraft 1.21

If you are wondering How To Install Chocapic Shaders in Minecraft 1.19 then you are on the right place. I assume that you have both files on the desktop and that is exactly where I want you to have it for now. First, we have to get into the roaming folder, this is quite easy. Please open the windows search bar and then type in %appdata% and hit enter.

This will open the roaming, in there please find the Minecraft folder and open it. Next, scroll down and go into shaderpacks, please take the chocapic 1.21 shaders and drop them into that.

Then go back and scroll down to versions, go to the desktop and double click on Optifine, a new window will appear. Go through the installation process and install it. That’s all for this tutorial about How To Install Chocapic 13 Shaders in Minecraft 1.21!

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