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How To Make A Minecraft 1.21 Server For Free

I would love to show you How To Make A Minecraft 1.21 Server For Free. If you were ever wondering about creating your own Minecraft Server in Minecraft 1.21 For FREE! I will start from scratch, and I will show you the most effective way to do this. Thank you for choosing my article, you won’t regret that decision.

This is the best way to play with your friends together on one server. We will do this thanks to the official Minecraft server jar file that you can download on the official website of Minecraft. Then we will have forward your IP and you will give it to your friends, then they can join without any problems. 

But make sure you give your IP address only to close friends that you trust. Enjoy this tutorial about How To Make A Minecraft 1.21 Server so you can play Minecraft with friends! IT won’t be anything hard so don’t worry guys. I’m sure you can handle this quickly and without any problems, if you have any problem you can always contact me. There are also many other ways to do this done.

There is a website called aternos and lots of people use it. Mainly for the Tlauncher Free Servers, it’s just another way to do this and it is pretty effective. You can find a Minecraft Tutorial on my website if you are curious, maybe it’s much better way for you to do this. I don’t want to take more of your time, so let’s get right into this

How To Download Minecraft Server 1.21

This will be really quick, before we make the server, we have to download the server from the official website of Minecraft. So please, scroll down until you find the downloads section. Click on the link please, it will take you to the redirection website, that I have made myself, it is completely fine, don’t worry.

From there, click on the link again and then you will appear on the official website of Minecraft where you can download the whole server. So please do and then take the file and drop it on the desktop. We can move on the second part.


How To Make A Minecraft 1.21 Server For Free

At first, please create a new folder and name it Minecraft 1.19 Server. Drag the Jar file and drop it into that folder. Open the jar file and wait. Then go to the server properties and change EULA=FALSE to EULA=TRUE, you can then close and save the text book. You can now open the jar file again.

Now, we have to detect your IP address, so please go to the windows search bar, I’m sure you know where it is right now and then type in cmd, hit enter. Type in ipconfig and from that, take the IPv4 address. Go to server properties and put in the IPv4 address. You will use this IP address to join in the Minecraft. Send this address to your friends and enjoy the server!

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