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How To Install Wurst 1.21 in Minecraft

Let me show you How To Install Wurst 1.21 in Minecraft! If you are looking for some perfect Minecraft hacked client, then Wurst 1.21 is the one that you are looking for! This mod modifies the whole game and offers a great GUI! I will show you everything from the scratch and you can’t do anything wrong if you follow my steps carefully. Yes, these are cheats, they over 100 different cheats and you will love it. Y

ou can have any mod you literally want with this hacked client, it will change the whole look of the game. But be cautious, you can’t use it in Minecraft Multiplayer, and that’s obvious, right? Because nobody wants to play against a cheater, so please use it in singleplayer only, thank you! 

In fact, they won’t detect the Wurst Client, but still, please don’t use it. Wurst works perfectly with Minecraft 1.21, you can also use it in TLauncher. In fact, it will work with any other launcher like salwyrr. Wurst Client 1.21 offers unique features and great functionality along with a great GUI. A great guy from Germany created it.

There’s no problem if you use Mac, Windows or Linux, it will work on any OS. As I said above, this will be an easy and quick Minecraft Tutorial, I will show you everything in couple of seconds. There are also three different GUIs: Tab GUI, classic GUI and Navigator. Wurst has more versions not only 1.19, you can use it on any other versions.

Cool features:

I would like to show you some cool features that this client offers. There are over 100 different cheats, if you want an in-depth guide on these features/cheats, you should check out the Wurst website, where it’s really well-written. What does this client offer: 

  • Mob ESP
  • CaveFinder
  • BlockESP
  • AutoFarm
  • AutoMain
  • Autominer

How To Download Wurst in Minecraft 1.21

At first, please scroll down to find the downloads section, you can see three different links in there. Please click on the first one, it will automatically redirect you to my redirection website that is completely fine, once you are there please click on the link again. Then you will appear on the official Wurst website where you can download Wurst for Minecraft 1.19 without any problems. 

Click on the second link now, it will again take you to my redirection website, go through it please. Then you will appear on the official website of Fabric where you can download it. It will be in the middle of the screen, download it and tkae the file to the desktop. Please do the same with the third link, it will take you to the curseforge website so do the same steps like with the first link.


How To Install Wurst in Minecraft 1.21

You have all three files on the desktop and that is fine. Let’s get into the roaming folder now. Find the windows search bar, it is in the left down corner of your screen. Type in %appdata% and then hit enter.

The roaming folder will open, find Minecraft folder and then scroll down to the mods. Now, please drop in the Wurst Mod 1.21 and Fabric API. This is all for these two. Get back to desktop and double click on Fabric, an installation window will open after that. Install it and then you can enjoy the Wurst in Minecraft without any problems! Thank you for choosing my article to read and hopefully you didnt make any mistakes.

Is Wurst Minecraft a virus?

Definitely not. Wurst is safe to download, it doesn’t contain any malware. It’s just a mod for Minecraft that you want to use because it makes the game easier.

Is Wurst a hack?

Yes, it is a hack for Minecraft. That’s why you shouldn’t be using it on the Minecraft servers because you can get banned for that.

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