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How To Install GLSL Shaders Mod 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install GLSL Shaders Mod 1.21! This will be a really easy tutorial, and you will love it! GLSL Shaders mod adds shaderpacks to Minecraft and adds much more features. Some of them are shadow map, normal map, draw buffers, and much more.

You can use them to change the whole appearance of the world. This is just the tool that any Minecraft player can’t play without. Minecraft is not only about combat, weapons, and stuff like that. You can do cinematic videos in there also, and you can download and install the shaders for better appearance and better feeling.

This is what I do personally, I just love to walk through the entire world and enjoy the feeling. But some of the shaders simply don’t work without this amazing mod. Everyone who plays this game knows about this mod. That’s why I decided to make an article on this. 

This mod works perfectly on Linux, Windows, and also Mac system! Like I said, it is a unique and special mod that will change the whole feeling from the game. It has been created to help the shaders to the world and change it. It has some lightning effects that will ensure to have deep shadows with sun rays.

It’s a great shader pack GLSL 1.21, and you will love it. I will show you everything you need to know in a few seconds. From download to install, even how to add it with different shaders. It is very easy, and all you have to do is to follow my steps that I will tell you. If it won’t work for you, repeat all the steps or contact me, and I will tell you.


Let me introduce you to some premium features that you need to know!

  • Compatible with Forge, Fabric, and Resource Packs
  • Compatible with Optifine and Shaders also!
  • Shadows, depth.
  • Much more!

How To Download GLSL Shaders Mod 1.21 in Minecraft

So, let’s get right into this! It won’t be nothing hard, but it won’t be easy as well. First off, you need to go down into the downloads section, where all the important links are.

Click on the first link that will redirect you to the page where you have to click on download again. Then you will be taken to the website on download GLSL Shaders Mod 1.21! Hit the download button and then drag and drop the file on the desktop.

Let’s do the same with the Forge. It is not hard like I told you, click on the link. Go through my redirection website and download the official Forge version. Take the file and drop it on the desktop. You have both files in there, and that is fine. Please keep it in there, for now, let’s move on to the more funnier installation part.


How To Install GLSL Shaders Mod 1.21 in Minecraft

It’s in here! The finish part of this article. We have to get into the roaming folder where Minecraft is located! It is not hard, open the windows search bar and type in %appdata%! Then hit enter, and the roaming will be opened.

In there, open the Minecraft folder, scroll down until you find the versions. Go back to the desktop and double-click on Forge, the installation will be opened. You have to finish it, just agree with the terms and conditions and complete that setup. Then check the versions folder if there is Forge 1.21 file. If yes then you did everything right we can continue.

Let’s put the GLSL Shaders 1.21 into the mods folder. So go back to the main menu and find the mods folder, take the file from the desktop, and put it in there. It is nothing hard, we can open the Minecraft Launcher now and select the correct version of Minecraft. Hit play and go to the singleplayer and check if everything is working.

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