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How To Install Awesome Dungeon Mod for Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install Awesome Dungeon Mod for Minecraft 1.21! This mod enhances your world by adding buildings and dungeons. In dungeons, there are loot chests and mobspawners.

It focuses on generating various types of dungeons around the world. We will find hostile creature generators inside these dungeons, although we will also find loot chests as rewards. At the moment, the mod will generate various structures in several biomes. These are the new dungeons.

Giant jungle tree. Abandoned oak palace. Better default temple jungle. The Swamp temple. Desert temple Husk. The Z tower and Mushroom were abandoned. Hostile mobs will attack the player in dungeons. The variety of monsters faced will vary according to how far the dungeon is from the player’s initial spawn spot.

In there, you can find 12 types of dungeons in the mod: The Wall in the North, Snow Caves, Volcano, and much more. You can also expect some of the bosses that these mods have. Some of them are: Shelob, Turtle Boss, Necromancer, Liche, Pig Mache, Pirate Boos, and much more!

These dungeons are difficult to accomplish due to the monsters and traps that are present. A boss is a much more powerful in-dungeon creature that frequently drops rare items in the majority of the dungeons. Later versions have a lesser number of new mobs and are known as Chocolate Quest.


  • The giant jungle tree
  • The Z Tower
  • House Lodge
  • The Arch
  • The Swamp Temple
  • Witch Castle

How To Download Awesome Dungeon Mod in Minecraft 1.21

Let’s get right into this! It is really easy, first off go to the downloads section that is under this paragraph. You should see it right away, if not, scroll down a little bit. You can find two different links in there.

At first, click on the mod link, it will take you to the redirection website that I have made myself. Click on the link again, please, and then you will be on the official curseforge website, where you can find all of those amazing mods and stuff like that. You can find a download section on the right side of the web. Download the file for the correct version of Minecraft and wait for it. Then take the file and drop it on the desktop. We have to do the same with the Forge.

So what now? Go again into the downloads section and click on the link. Then go through my redirection website, and you should appear on the forge website. You know what to do, right? Let me remind you if you don’t know.

Find the downloads and the correct version, and then download it. Then, take the file and drop it on the desktop. So you should have two files on the desktop that we will use right now. That’s it for the download part.


How To Install Awesome Dungeon Mod in Minecraft 1.21

So this is the installation part, let’s get into this. Do you know how to get to the roaming folder? If not, then follow my steps. Open the windows search bar, type in %appdata%, and hit enter. In there, you can find the Minecraft folder, please open it.

I need you to get into that because we will continue in there. Scroll down to the versions and then go to the desktop. Forge is in there, double-click on that, and the installation will show up to you. Agree with the terms and conditions and hit install.

Then wait a little bit, go back to the roaming folder, and find the mods. Drop the Awesome Dungeon Mod 1.21 in there. That’s it! You can open the Minecraft Launcher now and enjoy!

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