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How To Get KeyStrokes in Tlauncher (2021)

In today’s article I will show you How To Get KeyStrokes in Tlauncher! This is very easy and fast Minecraft Tutorial so let’s get right into it! For this tutorial you will need to download the mod and also download and install forge. Forge is necessary to play Minecraft with Keystrokes.


About this article:

Let’s get right into it! It’s very easy tutorial, you will see. First off, download keystrokes and forge. The links are linked above so just simple click on them and download. Drag and drop the forge and keystrokes onto desktop. Double click on forge and hit install.

Once it’s installed

then close the installator and go to windows search bar. Search for %appdata% this will take you to the roaming folder. Open .minecraft and scroll down, you will see mods folder, that’s where you want to drop the KeyStrokes Mod. Drag the file from the desktop and drop it into mods folder.

Open Tlauncher

Now, open Tlauncher and make sure you are logged in. Choose the Forge minecraft version and hit enter the game. Wait until for the loading. Go to singleplayer and open your world or create a new one.

That’s it!

And that’s it! KeyStrokes mod is now installed in your Tlauncher and you can hapily play with it. If you want more Minecraft tutorials like this check out my YT channel Minecraft Sketch Bros or check out this website, you’ll find more useful tutorials like this.

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