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How To Get A Knockback 1000 Stick in Minecraft 1.21, 1.19

Let me know How To Get A Knockback 1000 Stick in Minecraft 1.21. With this Stick, you can do literally everything you want to do. Yes, sticks can be also enchanted in Minecraft. And many people, I don’t know why, use enchant 1000 for the Stick. I really don’t know why and who started doing this, but that’s exactly what I will show you. 1000 Knockback Stick in Minecraft 1.21.

Their primary function is not to use them as a weapons but you know what knockback does, if you punch someone, they will literally disappear. Because it’s Knockback 1000 Stick! That is absolutely amazing. It kinda looks like it’s from the Harry Potter, How To Make a Knockback 1000 Stick and how to enchant it. We will be using the command, don’t worry I will put it down below.

If you hit a player or mob for example pig or cow, with this Stick, they will be pushed by 10 blocks for example, but with this enchantment, you will push them like 100-200 blocks away! The only way to get this Stick is to use the command, there is no other way than this. Keep this in mind. You will not be able to get it in the Minecraft Multiplayer for example.

If you are an admin, then yes, you can get it and you can start trolling people on the server. Before we begin, please follow all of my steps, I will help you with everything. You can find a video tutorial on my YouTube channel, it is more in-depth and you can see what I’m doing and it may be better for you.

How To Get A Knockback 1000 Stick in Minecraft 1.21

Ok, let’s get into this guys. At first we have to open Minecraft Launcher, go to the installations tab that you can find at the top of the launcher and click create. We will make a new version, choose Minecraft 1.21 and adjust the RAM on how much you need. Then hit play, the game will load up, it may take a while. Then you will be in the Minecraft Menu, from here go to the singleplayer.

We can either make a new world or go into your world that you are currently playing in. Let me show you the first option, hit create, name the world and make sure you enable cheats. If you don’t allow the cheats, it won’t work for you. When you have a name, you can create the world so please do.

So the second option is to go into your world that you are playing in, do it please. Open it and then hit escape, Minecraft menu will appear. Go to the Open To Lan and if you take a look on the right top of the game, you can enable cheats. So please do it, enable cheats and then hit Open To Lan.

The cheats are now allowed in your world and we can get into the tutorial! Hit T on your keyboard to start typing, copy the command under this paragraph and paste it into the chat in Minecraft. You should now have Knockback 1000 Stick in Minecraft 1.19! I hope everything works well for you.


/give YOURNAME minecraft:netherite_sword{Unbreakable:1,Enchantments:[{id:knockback,lvl:1000}]}

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