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How To Install Mods in PoJavLauncher (2024)

I will show you How To Install Mods in PoJavLauncher in this tutorial. PoJavLauncher is kinda popular these days as you can play Minecraft Java Edition on Android. I believe that this is actually really great launcher and you should give it a try! You can download and install pojavlauncher on android or iOS devices without any problems.

Let’s assume you have PoJavLauncher installed, if not check out my tutorial on How To Install PoJavLauncher 2023. It’s in depth tutorial and I’m sure you will love it. You will learn so much important stuff in it, if you prefer video tutorial then go to my YT channel. Please follow my steps carefully and don’t make any mistakes.

What mods can you get in PoJavLaucher 2023?

Actually, you can get any minecraft mod you want in pojavlauncher. Pojavlauncher represents Minecraft Java Edition on Android/iOS and that means, whatever mod you play on Minecraft Java Edition you can play on Android right now. This is a huge benefit for all those people that doesn’t have a PC and want to play mods from Java Edition.

How To Download Mods in PoJavLauncher

It’s not that hard as you think. We have to download those mods you want to use and install them in the launcher. But before we begin you have to install forge in pojavlauncher. First off, scroll down and click on Download Forge. This will redirect you to my redirection website, don’t worry, just click download again.

You should appear on the forge website right now, choose the current version of Minecraft you want to use and download the installer. This is the first step, let’s move onto next one. You should download mods now, click on the link down below. It will redirect you to the website where you can download any mod you want.

Download all of the mods you want to use in your PoJavLauncher. As I mentioned above, you will find all of different kinds of Minecraft Mods in there. From guns all over to different kinds of animals. This website is amazing and there are not only mods, you will find datapacks, texture packs or even shaders!

How To Install Mods in PoJavLauncher

Go to your Files where Forge and Mods are. Double tap on forge and install it, it can take a while, just give it a couple of minutes. Go to home page and open PoJavLauncher. Sign in and click on Options. Now choose Launch a mod installer -> Download and Forge installer. This will install forge in PoJavLauncher. Tab on the list with versions and scroll all the way down.

You should find Forge Version all the way on the bottom, choose it. Hit Play, after you are on the Minecraft screen you should see forge version on the left down side. Last step, go to your App Store or Google Store and download File Manager. Find your mod or mods and copy them.

Go back to Games -> PoJavLauncher and click on the three dots, scroll down and enable hidden items. You should see .minecraft now, open it and go to mods. Click paste and now your mods should be in the folder. Go back to PoJavLauncher, choose the forge version and hit play! You know How To Install Mods In PoJavLauncher now!


That’s it!

Did you like this tutorial on How To Install Mods in PoJavLauncher? Then make sure you check out more of my awesome tutorials on my website or on my YouTube Channel! You’ll find many great tutorials in there, just trust me. If you have a problem, I’m always here just don’t worry and ask me anything.

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