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How To Get Shaders 1.20.81 On Minecraft Xbox One & PS4

I will show you How To Get Shaders 1.20.81 On Minecraft Xbox One & PS4! This is actually really easy and you will definitely fall in love with this amazing Minecraft Tutorial. I’ve been getting lots of questions if it’s possible to install 1.20.81 Shaders on Xbox One. The answer is yes! Of course you can install Shaders on Xbox One and PS4. You can have those famous shaders that are also available for MCPE and Windows 10 Edition.

Download links are down below

These shaders will offer a cool features like super realistic sunbeams, reflective water or moving clouds! Yes, there are much more features than this but I don’t have time to tell you all of them. Well, let’s get right into it, I don’t want to waste more of your time. If you want to find more shaders then check out my website. Now, I will finally show you How To Install Shaders in Minecraft Xbox One and PS4!

Minecraft 1.20.81 Shaders for Console Edition

I just want to say that these shaders are not fully compatible with Minecraft Console Edition yet, it includes PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t worry, it will still work but there might be some problems with that. But that’s why I’m here, I will help you to deal with any problem you find, just message me on my YouTube Channel or Discord and I will answer ASAP!

Download Shaders 1.20.81 on Xbox One & PS4

This will be the most easiest step in today’s tutorial, trust me. Go to Microsoft Edge on your console and search for ConsoleShader mediafire. This will find a file with a cool shader just for your Console. This shader actually work on consoles and you will love it, trust me. So, please click on download then and wait for it. Now let’s move on the last couple of steps.


Installing Shaders 1.20.81 on Xbox One & PS4

Like I said, this will be our final steps, just follow my steps carefully so you won’t do much mistakes and you will be fine! Let’s get right into it. Turn on your console and go to the Microsoft Store. Find search bar and type in MC Addons Manager. You should find it right away, click on Install. Give it some time and then open the application. This is the most important step in this Minecraft Tutorial. Please click on Import now, it is on the top right corner.

Go to this device and downloads, that’s where the console shader is. Choose ConsoleShader and open it. You should see a text saying Installing Pack and then installation complete. Once done, please go back and open Minecraft. Go to play and choose your world. Click on Resource Packs and find the console Shaders, then click on activate. And that’s everything! Now you know How To Get Shaders 1.20.81 on Minecraft Xbox One & PS4!

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