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How To Download & Install SkyFactory 4 in Minecraft (2022)

This article is a step-by-step guide on How To Download SkyFactory 4 in Minecraft. This modpack offers a new experience that you can’t do or see in any other one. There is so much magic and tech resources! You can choose from 30 different world types. Each of them have a unique recipes and advancements. It is completely different than the previous modpack, I mean it. Read more about this amazing thing and learn how to install and download it.

About this article:

In this article, I showed you exactly how to download and install SkyFactory 4 in Minecraft. SkyFactory 4 is the next iteration in the SkyFactory series of modpacks. It has tons of automation, tech, and even magic mods for you to play with, and on top of that, resource gathering has completely changed. Like I mentioned above, you can choose from many different worlds, with that, you can experience a whole different feeling!

I love this modpack so much. Make sure you have Java for this, actually If you have played Minecraft on your PC before, you have java so don’t worry. Let’s go ahead and go over how you can play SkyFactory 4 in Minecraft!

How To Download SkyFactory 4 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Firstly you actually need to download the Twitch App. The reason for this is because SkyFactory4 is on Twitch App to install. It won’t be hard. All you have to do is to scroll down to the downloads section and find the correct link for this one. Then click on that and wait until you are redirected to my redirection website. In there, you need to click on the link again and then you are on curseforge website that is absolutely great. Download it in there and drop the file on the desktop.

How To Install SkyFactory 4 for Minecraft 1.19.3

When it is on the desktop, double-click on that. The installation process will begin and you have to wait for the installation. Once done, It will automatically open, and you will need to login to a Twitch account. If you don’t have an account, you can simply create a new one. After you are in Twitch, click the mods tab in the main menu. Then, click on Minecraft. There will be a purple install button in the bottom center of the screen. Click on that. After Minecraft has installed, you will see a browse all modpacks tab.

Click on that and search for SkyFactory 4. Now click the purple install button on it. SkyFactory 4 will begin installing. Wait until it finish (It can take a lot of time so just be patient ) Once it has installed, all you need to do to launch the Minecraft launch with modpack installed is click the purple Play button. Minecraft launcher will open in which you will need to login to.

Last couple of steps!

click the little green arrow next to the play button, select SkyFactory 4 and click Play. Minecraft will now open up and all of its mods installed! You can also change the video settings just simple click on Video settings and change the graphics etc. Congratulations!


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