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Is Java safe to download?
Yes! It’s completely for free and it’s also virus free so don’t worry, over 3 billion users use Java, It’s safe to download.

Java – Tutorial on How to Download and also How To Install Java


Welcome to my next tutorial on How To Download Java, it’s pretty simple and it’s not hard at all. First of all, click on the website I have linked above, then click on Java Download, after that java file will download. Wait till it’s downloaded and after that click on the file and follow these steps. Click on Install and wait till it finishes, after that Java will finally be installed on your PC and you can finally play Minecraft 🙂 You see? I told you it’s super easy to install within 1 minute so go to play some PC games! Java is an amazing application for your PC and I’m sure that you will need it. You can’t play a lot of PC games without this application so It’s required for example for Minecraft. Without Java, you can’t play it and that’s really bad right? If I did help you to install Java, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and of course, look for some more posts on my website.


On my blog here, on the website, I have plenty of tutorials that you can find useful, especially the Minecraft ones. You can find tutorials on how to download mods or shaders, modpacks and much more. And I will post daily much more posts on my blog especially. Today is the day when Minecraft Snapshot 20w15a will be released so at night I will post a post on that one. You can also find some virtualbox tutorials on my blog like how to download Windows 10 on virtualbox etc. Hope you guys like it If yes make sure you subscribe to my YT channel and see you next time 🙂