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Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4 → 1.20.3, 1.19.4

Let me show you Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4. I’m sure that you will really appreciate this mod. I will show you everything from scratch and everything you need to know about this amazing tool. Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod 1.20.4 gives your tools XP, thanks to this, you can level them up to higher levels and then you can modify them.

Yes, when you level up your tool, you will get an extra modifier as an reward. You get XP for mining with pickaxe, killing mobs with sword, simply said, with whatever that the tool was intended for. It’s easy as that. And this is a huge benefit, because you will get better and better enchantments. So when you got like Pickaxe on Level 50, you can mine really fast! You can’t even imagine that. You have to try out this mod so you can believe me.

It’s perfect for the Minecraft survival, obviously, you can’t use it on the Minecraft multiplayer. Well, you can, but the mod has to be in the server, so you may ask the owner to add it in there and then you can be better than your friends! By the way, if we are talking about the sword XP, you will always get different amount of XP, depending on what mob was that.

That is kinda logic, am I right? Per one level, you will always get 1 free modifier, each level up requres twice the XP than the last level was. That is kinda sketchy, it is hard to get a good level because it takes so much XPs. There is no limit for the Lvl, keep that in mind.This is also an expansion mod of Tinkers Construct Mod, you can install both of the mods and get new tools and weapons. This is OP, trust me!

How To Download Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4

This mod is really amazing am I right? And I know that you need to have this mod as soon as possible, that’s why I’m here. This will be the most effective way to get this mod in the game. Let’s get into this.

At first, we will need two things, forge and the mod itself. Please scroll down until you find the downloads sections, click on the forge link. It will take you to the redirection website that I made myself, click on download again and then you will appear on the official Forge website where you can finally download it for 1.19 without any problems. So please do and then drop it on the desktop.

In the case of Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4 it will take you to the redirection website too, you have to click download again but this time you will appear on a different website. But don’t worry it is completely fine, find the downloads section which is on the right side of the webpage and then hit download. Drop the file on the desktop please!


How To Install Tinkers Tool Leveling Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4

Let’s install this amazing mod! We have to get into the roaming folder where Minecraft is originally installed. You will find everything important in there. Please open the Windows Search Bar, it is on the left down corner of the screen and type in %appadata%, hit enter.

New window will pop up, you need to open the minecraft folder and then scroll down to find mods. Take the mod from the desktop and drop it into the folder. Then we have to install Forge, double click on the file please. 

It will open the installation window and you can hit install. It may take a while but it won’t last forever, then you can open the Minecraft Launcher, choose the forge 1.20.4 version and enjoy! You will love it.

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