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TrainCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

I will show you Traincraft Mod for Minecraft 1.21! This mod is absolutely amazing and you will love it so much. Thanks to traincraft 1.21 mod, you can have trains in the Minecraft! There are many different kinds of this vehicle that you can find in this mod.

Train mod Minecraft 1.21 is just great and you will get it thanks to me, I will show you everything you need to know. Everything from scratch, and the most effective way that you can find. You will never find a better tutorial than this, you have to trust me. This mod first came out on 2011 in April. At that time, the name of the mod was Train and Zeppelin mod and had only one steam locomotive and one cart. That is pretty sad right? 

Don’t worry, you will find much more in this mod nowadays, I will tell you everything in a bit. The locomotive used to have no GUI and you couldn’t even attach the cart from the back of the locomotive, that was kinda annoying, you can even imagine.

The first idea of this mod was to create something where you can control a powered minecart and you can even sit in it. Thankfully, this mod has got a great support and it was decided to continue the adventure, so they added many more locomotives along with carts. Nowadays, Traincraft has more than 70 locomotives or carts!

You can find also different moving stuff like crafting blocks and machines. This is absolutely amazing, you have a great option to choose. Traincraft Mod 1.21 adds more than 90 trains, wagons, crafting blocks, machines and stuff like that.

How To Download Traincraft Mod for Minecraft 1.21

Let’s do this! It’s an amazing mod and everyone loves it, I don’t want to take more of your time and I just want to get in! At first, we have to know what we are downloading. There will be two different files, Train Craft Mod 1.21 and Forge. We need both, so please make sure you download them.

Let’s get into this, please scroll down a little bit until you find the downloads section, in there you will see the mod and the forge. Please click on the traincraft 1.19 at first, it will take you to my redirection website, I did this website by myself so don’t worry. Click on the download again and then you will appear on the website where you can finally download the train mod for minecraft 1.21! So please do and then take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Let’s download Forge now. Click on the link please, go through my redirection website again, I’m sure you know how to do this. It’s nothing hard. Once there, click on download forge again, it will take you to the official forge website where it is free to download the version for the newest version, so please don’t worry and download it. Then take the file and drop it on the desktop. Let’s move on the installation part.


How To Install Traincraft Mod for Minecraft 1.21

Let me show you everything you need to know in this Minecraft Tutorial. You have both of the files on the desktop and that is completely fine, I’m glad you did it without any issues. We have to get into the roaming folder where minecraft is, it is nothing hard you have to trust me.

Open the Windows Search Bar, it is located in the left down corner of your screen, type in %appdata% and hit enter. This will open the folder we need to get in. Find minecraft and open it, scroll down a little bit until you find mods, open it up and drop in the train mod minecraft 1.21, that’s almost it! We have to install forge now. Double click on that and then hit install. And that is really everything!

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