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How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

I want to show you How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.21. Kill me or not for this opinion, but cheats are really a great way to have fun in Minecraft. And thanks to this tutorial, you will get over 100 cheats! You will have lots of fun, you have to trust me. If you want to finish this tutorial successfully, then please follow my steps. I will show you everything from scratch and I will also show you the most effective way to do this done.

I’ve received many requests on cheats for Minecraft 1.21 recently, that’s why I decided to make this tutorial. Remember that you can’t use cheats in multiplayer for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to play against a cheater or hacker, you have to respect that. 

But there’s one fun fact, nobody will detect this unless someone sees you using them. Just saying. You may ask how do we do all of this? Well, we will have to use Aristois Client, it is a great hacked client for Minecraft 1.19 and you will love it. It offers lots of mods that you can use and also awesome GUI. Use Cheats 1.21 carefully. Yes, you can either have wurst or lunar client as well, but I chose this one as I found the GUI and menu the most user-friendly.

Please follow all of my steps and don’t make any mistakes, we don’t want you to fail in this tutorial, I hope you understand me. But, if you have any issues then I’m more than happy to assist you with anything. We will only need the Aristois Client for this tutorial, no additional things, mods or whatever needed. Let’s get right into it!

How To Download Cheats in Minecraft 1.21

At first, please scroll down and click on the link you see. Then you will be redirected to my redirection website. If you ever read my article you know what to do next, don’t worry if you haven’t. So please click on the link again and then you will be on the website where you can download aristois.

You will find the download link right away, it should be in the middle of the website, download the client and then wait a minute. You can then take the file and drop it on the desktop. Let’s move on another step.


How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.21

Please open the windows search bar, you can find it in the left-down corner of your screen, open it and then type in %appdata%, hit enter. This will open the roaming folder, please find Minecraft and open it. Then scroll down until you find versions, open it and then go back to the desktop.

On the desktop, there is the installation file, open it please. When you open it, it will first ask you to what version you want to have, choose 1.19, because that is what you need to do. Then choose the directory file and agree with the terms and conditions. You can then check the versions folder if you see the aristois version, if yes then everything is right and you can open it via the client, then hit play and enjoy!

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