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How to Fix OPENGL Error 65543 in Minecraft 1.17 (2021)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Fix OPENGL Error 65543 in Minecraft 1.17! Fix OPENGL Error 65543 with Tlauncher, it will work for sure and this video will help you to fix OPENGL Error 65543 in Minecraft. If you get this error it is because of 2 problems. The first one is because of new release of Minecraft 1.17 and the second one is because you have updated to Tlauncher 2.79 which is bad. Let’s get into fixing this issue.

About this article:

Were you wondering How To Fix OPENGL Error 65543 in Minecraft 1.17? Then you are on the right place! I will show you How To Simply Fix this Error in Minecraft 1.17! This Error is kinda bad but it is definitely easy to fix. If you want you can watch my in-depth YouTube tutorial video. If not continue reading this one. Let’s get right into it!

First off

Download Java SE, the link is above. Simply click on it and download Java SE 16. After it’s done double click on the installation and Java SE 16 will be starting installing into your system. Once it’s done we can move further. Open Tlauncher and make sure you are logged in. If not make a new User Account, then go to settings and change the Java path to Program Files -> Java -> JDK 16 -> Bin -> javaw.exe.

That’s it!

Once you have changed the Java Path you can finally choose Latest Release which is 1.17 for now and play Minecraft no matter what! Check out my YouTube tutorials on my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros or stay on this website Minecraft Sketch Bros and read much more Minecraft Tutorials just for you! I know that you will find plenty of great content here.

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