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Copious Dogs Mod 1.21 for Minecraft

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Copious Dogs Mod 1.21 for Minecraft. This mod adds new breeds of dogs to the game. That means you can have a bunch of different types of dogs. And yes, I will show you How To Install Copious Dogs Mod in Minecraft 1.19! This will be a pretty quick Minecraft Tutorial. Many people feel that there is a lack of animals in the game, that’s why somebody decided to do this mod.

So you can finally celebrate because you have found something that you want/need. Copious Dogs mod was made mainly to have more Minecraft domestic dogs, let me discuss this mod further down below. Copious Dogs Mod 1.21 can add up to ten different breeds of dogs. Example of breeds: golden retriever, beagle, or husky! Yes, you can also find a german shepherd dog or french bulldog. 

Download links are down below!

So, if you are looking for a mod that will bring doggy life into the game, don’t hesitate to keep reading. Why is this mod so popular? When this mod came out, most of the people were surprised because this was the first mod of its kind.

It’s fantastic for dog lovers. You can finally have different breeds of the dogs in the Minecraft, it adds more life to the Minecraft experience. It’s also because you have a chance to have any breed of dog, but you have to take care also.

Enjoy having husky or any other breed in Minecraft and have fun with them. With copious dogs, you will be able to breed the dogs much faster. The only con of this mod is that it doesn’t allow to breeding dogs between different breeds.

Yes, that means that you can only breed the Husky with a husky. Anyway, the Minecraft mod is still awesome because it will change the whole gaming experience. Generally, it’s a dream of every minecraft player.

Some of Copious Dogs Mod features:

  • You can fill the dish up over and over again once your dog is eating 
  • Find Wild Dogs and give them biscuits, they will become friendly
  • New Items:
  • New Name Tags
  • Dog Biscuit 
  • Dog Leash 
  • Dog Collar
  • Dog Dish

Domestications & Cautions

Go into the forest and look for a wild dog. You can feed it with dog biscuits to tame it, right-click on it with a dog collar, and right-click on a leash. It will then follow you wherever you want to. If you want it to stop following you, you should right-click on the dog. Keep in mind that if the domesticated dog is injured, then you can’t feed it like you used to.

Instead, put down a dog dish and then right-click on it while holding some meat. This will fill up the dish, and the dog should go there to eat. If you want more dogs, place two dogs near the fire torch and give the cookies.

How To Download Copious Dogs Mod in Minecraft 1.21

We will need two files for this tutorial. It’s Forge and the Copious Mods for Minecraft 1.21. Read my in-depth tutorial on How To Install Forge in Minecraft 1.19 if you want. I described every detail in that tutorial, so you might give it a chance and take a look at that. Nevertheless, let’s get into this Minecraft Tutorial. First off, you have to scroll down. Find the downloads section where you have to click on Forge and the Copious Dogs 1.19 mod also.

At first, you will have to go through my redirection website, but don’t worry, it’s okay. Let me tell you everything about Forge now. You are on the mod’s official website, find Minecraft 1.19 version, and hit download. Please do the same with the dogs mod for Minecraft, then take those files and drop them on the desktop.

How To Install Copious Dogs Mod in Minecraft 1.21

Let’s assume that you have those files on the desktop. Let’s do this as fast as possible, find the Windows Search Bar. Open it, and then you have to type in %appdata%. Once you hit enter, a new window will pop up, you can find the Minecraft folder there. You have to open it and then find the mods folder. Go back to your desktop, take the Copious Dogs Mod, and drop it in the mods folder.

That was the first step of installing the mod. We have to install Forge now as well. So go to desktop and double-click on it. Choose the directory file and agree with the terms and conditions. Hit, okay, and wait. After 10 seconds, Forge should be installed. Open the Minecraft Launcher and choose the forge version. You can finally enjoy the game with the fantastic mod!

Download Links:

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