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How To Boost Your FPS in Tlauncher (300+ FPS) [2022]

In this article I will show you How To Boost Your FPS in Tlauncher Minecraft 1.19.3. I’ll show you the perfect settings for the highest FPS in Minecraft, without having to install Optifine. Using these settings will give you a brutal FPS boost and should fix lags in Minecraft 1.19.3! This should perfectly work for low end devices so y’all will appreciate that.

About this article:

Do you want to boost your FPS in Tlauncher because you have a low end device? Then don’t hesitate! This article is perfectly for you, I will show you How To Boost Your FPS in Tlauncher. This is really easy and quick tutorial, you can do this by downloading optifine and change some settings.

Let’s go for it

First off, go to optifine.net and download optifine, drag and drop it into the desktop and double click on that. Now you want to install optifine, to do so, click on install. Once it’s all finished you can now open tlauncher, choose optifine version and hit play button. Wait for the Minecraft 1.16.5 to open and then continue.

Change the settings

Now the last thing is to change all of those settings to the minimum. Go through all of the settings and just change it to the minimum, this will help you to increase a performance for your low end PC.

That’s it

We are in the end of this article about How To Boost Your FPS in Tlauncher 1.19.3! If you want to watch a video about this article go to my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros or check out my website Minecraft Sketch Bros for more Minecraft Tutorials like this, if you are more into gaming you can visit my other website. I have more websites with useful tutorials like these, not just about Minecraft and you should give it a try and check it out! Thank you


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