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How To Install Survival Map in Minecraft 1.20.4 → 1.20.3, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install Survival Map in Minecraft 1.20.1! Just trust me; the Minecraft tutorial will be quite straightforward. Skyblock is a favorite in this wonderful game, and I’ll walk you through the whole tutorial to unlock this map. There are monsters and everything all over Survival 1.20.1 World. if you love challenges, you want to play this.

With this map, you will be able to do anything, it is kinda hard to survive and that is the funniest thing! There are monsters everywhere, traps and stuff like that. It’s huge, many buildings are surrounded you, and all you can think about is to survive. This map is one of the best survival maps for Minecraft 1.19 ever produced.

If you enjoy winning games and surviving, you should without a doubt try this map. The main goals of the entire thing are to build, survive, and find the adjacent islands. Every building is worth paying great attention to since it offers something special and secret. I just have a few quick points to make before we get going.

At first, carefully adhere to every instruction I give you; if you depart from what is described in this manual, it might not work. Then I’ll demonstrate for you how to succeed in the world without requiring anything extraordinary of you. It will be quick and easy, so don’t hesitate.

How To Download Survival Map in Minecraft 1.20.1

Time is of the essence in this case, so let’s get going. Please scroll down till you find the downloading section because we only need the map, nothing else. Only one connection is present. You’ll be directed to my redirection page after clicking that, as I always say, so don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Re-click the link to visit the Survival Map 1.20.1 download page on the curseforge website, which is on the right side. After that, take the file and put it on your desktop. You cannot miss it; if you have any problems, please contact me and I will help you.


How To Install Survival Map in Minecraft 1.20.1

That you have the map on your desktop is also ok. Please open the Windows search box and type %appdata%. Once you’ve done so, a new window containing the roaming folder will appear; open it, then go to the Minecraft folder, where you may then scroll down until you find saves.

The Survival Map for Minecraft 1.20.1 must be abandoned after it is taken there. I’m done! Now that the Minecraft Launcher has been started, you can choose the proper version and begin playing. This concludes the tutorial; now play the Survival Map in a single-player!

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