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How To Install Lunar Client in Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install Lunar Client in Minecraft 1.21! This is one of the best Minecraft client that is absolutely unique. I love it’s minimalistic menu and the GUI, the look of it is amazing and I immediately fell in love with that. You can find literally everything here; it’s a great all-in-one client for Minecraft. It has numerous mods, FPS boost, skins, and cosmetics. In fact, you can find much more things in there.

It’s great to use Lunar Client 1.21 in PvP, it will help you in any way and I mean it. It is really well designed and it will help you to play on Minecraft Servers and especially if you play PvP. This client also offers KeyStrokes Mod that is great for PvP. It is an unofficial client, what does it mean? 

Well, it’s not made from Mojang, but it doesn’t matter, and yes it is safe to use it. You won’t get banned for this client using in multiplayer. Don’t worry that you miss something, I will show you everything from scratch and the most effective way. So is it worth to use Lunar Client? Yes, because it adds so many great features and the huge FPS boost that you get. It is something unbelievable.

It’s kinda similar to Optifine with the fps boost. I have a YouTube video on Best Settings for Lunar Client Launcher, you can check it out if you have a problem with this. Especially if you have a low end PC. This will be really fast trust me, just follow all of the steps that I tell you to do. If you have any problem then leave a comment down below.

How To Download Lunar Client in Minecraft 1.21

At first, scroll down and click on the link, it will redirect you to my redirection website where you just have to click download again. Then you will appear on the official website of Lunar Client. This website is great and it’s clean, with that I mean that you will find a download for the Lunar Client for Minecraft 1.21 right away.

It should be in the middle of the webpage, click download. It should start downloading and it won’t take more than 30 seconds, it depends on your internet. Then take the file and drop it on the desktop. That’s good for now, let’s move on.


How To Install Lunar Client in Minecraft 1.21

So you have the installation file on the desktop, that’s good. At first please go to the roaming folder, you can do this by opening Windows Search Bar and typing in %appdata%. Hit enter and the roaming folder opens. In there you can find Minecraft, open it please and then scroll down until you find versions, you need to open it. Go back to the desktop and double click on Lunar Client.

When you open it, you can choose the version and that is 1.21. Then choose the directory file and agree with the terms and conditions. Hit install and then wait. Now you can check the versions folder, if you see lunar in there then everything is right and did everything that I wanted you to do. Then open aristois and hit play! That’s everything you need to know.

Is lunar client safe?

Sure! It is completely safe to download & install. You shouldn’t be worried about anything.

Can you get lunar client for free?

Yes! Lunar is free for everyone, just download it and enjoy!

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