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How To Download Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC for FREE

It’s finally here guys! I can finally show you How To Download Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC For Free! Minecraft 1.20.6 is absolutely the best update out there, you can look forward to frogs and many more mobs like that! This is a quick Minecraft Tutorial on How To Install Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC for FREE! I’m more than sure that you will love this update. Read this tutorial and enjoy the newest Minecraft update.

Download links are down below!

Minecraft 1.19.4 is the first release of the Wild Update which is a major update to Java Edition. It will bring deep dark biome, Mangrove swamp biome and many different forms of flora to the Minecraft World. Look forward for new mobs and features as well! The most excating news is the frogs and warden I believe. Warden spawns in the deep dark biome and is extremely strong, you don’t want to mess with this guy.

How To Download Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC

It’s not really that hard to download Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC, just make sure you follow all of my steps and you can play the wild update in 5 minutes! First off, scroll down and find the downloads section, you will find a link for Minecraft 1.19 download, click on it. It will redirect you to my redirection website, which is completely safe, so please click on download again.

You will appear on the website where you can download minecraft, find the download button and click on it. Wait for the download to be downloaded and then drag and drop the file into the desktop. If you can’t do that, don’t worry. Go to downloads folder and you can find the installation file in there.

How To Install Minecraft 1.20.6 on PC

Let’s move onto couple of last steps and to know How To Install Minecraft 1.20.6 for free! So you have the installation file on your desktop or in your folder, it doesn’t matter. Double click on the file and go through the installation process. That means confirm the terms and conditions, choose the directory file and install!

Once everything is done, you should see Minecraft Launcher on your desktop, double click on it. Go to installations and clcik on new installation, choose the version. Of course, we want the 1.20.6 version so simply click on it and then hit play! And that’s it! You are able to play Minecraft 1.20.6 for free on PC right now! Thanks for reading this article about How To Download Minecraft 1.19 on PC for FREE.


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