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Top 5 Best Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

You may want to know the best Minecraft Texture Packs, you are in the right place! This article is about Top 5 Best Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.21 and I think that this is the perfect article that you are currently looking for. I will be showing the best known resource pack and that are currently available for Minecraft 1.21. I’ve included my favorite Minecraft Texture packs and also what people like.

There will not be any crazy resource pack in this tutorial. I really hope you will like this. Just want to tell you that this list of best Minecraft texture packs is mainly for the Java edition. I don’t say that you can’t use those in the Bedrock edition, but it works the best for the java. So let’s get right into it! 

Best Minecraft Texture Packs in Minecraft 1.21


Take a deeper look into this resource pack, you will find out that it looks kinda similar to the vanilla Minecraft. But you are mistaken! There are big changes and this look is just perfect for the eye. If you look closely, you will see every little detail in every corner, block or anything like that.

That’s because it’s a 32×32 version of the Vanilla Minecraft, that means that the resolution has doubled! You will notice that the blocks look sharper, rounder, and everything looks more high-end. Even the sword and armor are great-looking. Link


I personally really love this texture pack to be honest. There are only a few packs like this that offer a darker and medieval theme at the same time. It has a great dark fantasy vibe, the whole game just look different.

This is completely perfect for those that want a medieval and dark theme at the same time. There are literally thousands of fans of this. It just adds a great adventure vibe and feel to the game. Link

John Smith Legacy

Another medieval texture pack here. And this is one of the best for this type of thing, you will be stunned of it’s look. If you are the one that loves the packs with medieval look, this is definitely the one that you were looking for. John Smith Legacy is just the perfect pack for your needs.

Imagine building a big Minecraft castle and using this texture pack, it will look stunning! It is fully up to date with Minecraft 1.19 and you can even get it into the Bedrock edition. It’s been maintained by a guy that created JimStoneCraft edition. Enjoy the smoother textures and much more! Link


Another perfect resource pack for Minecraft 1.19 is SapixCraft. It’s a really bright pack that will catch your eye instantly! It has several resolutions starting with 32x and ending with 512x! That’s a huge difference right? It’s a clean and vibrant pack that makes everything look smoother and sharper. You can even get a Christmas version if you want some winter vibe.

Epic Adventures

If you want something more realistic, then this is the perfect one. Epic Aventures 1.21 is the perfect texture pack for you. It is only in one resolution and that is 32x but don’t worry, it still looks insane. All of the details are great: the moon, the sky, and the stars! Everything seems so realistic. Link

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I hope that you chose a great resource pack just for your needs. Ask me anything if you need to, I mean it. There are many other packs and I know that you may not like these 5, however, if you want to find more, take a look on curseforge website.

You will find lots of others there and maybe you will find just the one that you were looking for. Also, you can either take a look on my website as I have many articles about different texture packs or on my YouTube channel.

I want to tell you about Optifine and Shaders. You should definitely try out this combination along with some packs. It will make a whole new look to the game and somebody just loves to play with both of them! You won’t definitely be disappointed. This is everything for this article about Top 5 Best Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.21.

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