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How To Download Minecraft Legends for Free! (PC, Consoles)

Let me show you How To Download Minecraft Legends for Free! You may be asking, what is this game? It is made by Mojang and is an action strategy game. You can play it on Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There is also cooperative and multiplayer. Minecraft Legends is in the Minecraft universe, there is an invasion of piglins from the Nether to the normal World. The Nether is continuously spreading around the World, and you have to stop it! One day, a hero raises his banner to save the World and defend his home. You will unite with your old enemies like zombies, creepers or even skeletons against the Nether’s monsters. Have your own horse, armor, and a lot of different weapons. 

If you want to know what the game look like or see the trailer, there is everything on the YouTube channel of Minecraft. This game tells the story of the World uniting with all of the old enemies together and fight against the Nether invasion by piglins and other monsters. And what the Legends say is that you can only bring together all the mobs and fight as a knight to help the World defend the home. It sounds kinda weird because in normal Minecraft the creepers and skeletons are against you. But it is really normal to see a player riding on a horse with the army of zombies and creepers. So you are on the right place if you want to see How To Install Minecraft Legends. And what I will show you today, is How To Download Minecraft Legends for Free! You can get this for your console or your PC.

How does the gameplay look like?

Minecraft Legends
Credit: https://www.minecraft.net/pt-pt/article/minecraft-legends

You are playing in a third-person perspective. And you will be defending different settlements and fight lots of hordes to stop spreading the infection from the Nether. You will act like a king, so you will be in every battle and be a leader. And the cool thing on this is that Minecraft Legends have a co-op and competitive multiplayer. That is absolutely awesome! There is also a crossplay between Xbox and Windows players. You can also craft some items and build your own home! That is really cool and I really love this game as it has a great graphics and is very funny.

Release Date

  • April 18th, 2023!

How To Download Minecraft Legends for Free

Let’s begin guys! This is why you are here and what you are waiting for. I will show you how to do this really quickly. Just follow all of my steps, and you should be good to go! If you have any additional questions, you can always ask down in the comments, and I will help you out. So, first off, scroll down to the download section and find the link to download Minecraft legends. Click on that, and then it will take you to the redirection website that I will use for this tutorial. Once you are there, you can see the link and you have to click on that. 

Now, you will finally appear on the website where you can download this for free. On the right side of the website, click on the download and then wait for it. You can take the file and drop it on the desktop. This is where I want you to have the file for now. We can continue.


How To Install Minecraft Legends for Free

What now? You have the file on the desktop and that is the best! We have to install Minecraft legends now. Double-click on the file and the installation window will appear. First, you must agree with the terms and conditions and choose the directory location. After that you can hit install, it is nothing hard, am I right? Wait like 2-3 minutes, and then it is done! Keep in mind that it may take much longer, depending on how fast your PC is. Click done and you should see the new game on your desktop, you can enjoy it now! Just double-click on that and play!

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