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How To Install Morph Mod 1.20.6 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you How To Install Morph Mod 1.20.6 in Minecraft. You will like this mod because it is extremely fantastic and highly well-liked by Minecraft gamers. I also have a guide for the identity mod, which is similar to Morph Mod. Go here if you want to get the Morph mod for Minecraft 1.19.2. This mod will allow you to Morph into any mob after you kill it. 

Anytime, you can change into anything by cycling through all of your available morphs. The perfect cover-up, in other words. This is compatible with any mod that adds a living thing, so if you use, let’s say, Orespawn, the bosses will still respond to it. You transform into mobs in a very distinctive fashion that disassembles each model piece from a mob and imitates it on the player. Let’s get right into this instruction on installing Morph Mod 1.20.6!


How cool is this mod?

If you want to have some fun in the game, then this is perfectly made for you. Just imagine being a bat, a cow or a crepper! You can be anything you want, there is no limit! You can play the game using the appearance and skills of various mobs thanks to the morph mod 1.20.6. It’s really simple; after you kill a mob, you instantly transform into the victims of your attack.

Once you’ve transformed, you’ll start to have access to each mob’s unique skills. For instance, if you are a chicken, you can softly float to the ground as opposed to falling to your death. Remember that you will gain flight abilities if you transform into another animal, like a bat. As a spider, you can climb walls like a spider. That is pretty awesome!


  • The creature offers basic morph skills. 
  • The overworld should receive just one meteorite. 
  • You cannot morph even if you have the mod loaded. 
  • Near a player who is not afk, a meteorite will occasionally crash, leaving a trail of devastation. 
  • For the player to not miss it, there will be audible SFX. 
  • You’ll need to acquire abilities. some morphs have detrimental impacts.

How To Download Morph Mod for Minecraft 1.20.6

Let’s get to the download part! First off all, we have to download three different things, the mod itself and Fabric along with Fabric API. But, it is nothing hard, all you have to do is to follow the steps that I will give you in a couple of seconds. Start right now, scroll a bit under this paragraph, you should see the downloads section, there is everything you need for this tutorial.

Then, click on the Morph Mod 1.20.6, it will redirect you to my redirection website, I use it for this type of articles. In there, click on the link again, and then you will appear on the official website of Curseforge.

I personally love that website, there is everything you need for the game. On the right side of it, you should see the downloads for the mod. There are different versions, choose the correct one. Then, you need to download it. Let’s do the rest tools too, and repeat the same steps. Click on the link, appear on the website and find the version you want to use. Then drag the files and drop them on your desktop.


How To Install Morph Mod for Minecraft 1.20.6

The installation part is much more fun! You have all of those files on the desktop which is exactly where you need to have them right now. Next, we have to get into the .roaming folder. How do you do that? It is easy, trust me. Open the Windows Search Bar and type in %appdata% then hit enter.

This will open the roaming, where Minecraft is located. Please open it and then scroll down to the mods folder, take Fabric API and Morph Mod, and drop it in there. Then, go back and scroll down to the versions.

Now go to your desktop and open Fabric. We have to install that right now, when you open it, go through the installation part. Agree with the terms and conditions and finish the whole process. Then you should check out the versions folder, if you see Fabric 1.20.6 version, everything is alright, and we can proceed further. Go to the Minecraft Launcher and hit play. You can now enjoy this beautiful mod with everything! Thank you for choosing my article.

What button do you press to morph?

Hold shift if you want to change different types of the same mob. It will open the menu where you can select the mobs. Select the mob you want and hit enter to begin morph. You can also select your favorite. 

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