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How To Join Hive Minecraft Server with Cracked Account (2022)

Hi there! In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Join Hive Minecraft Server with Cracked Account. I showed you How To Join Hive with Tlauncher but this method works perfectly on other cracked launchers. I hope you like this article as much as I do and let’s get into How To Join Hive with Cracked Account using Tlauncher 2022.

About this article:

In this article, I showed you exactly how to Join Hive in Tlauncher 1.20. I showed every single step of getting Hive to Tlauncher 1.20. Hive server is very popular nowadays and everyone wants to play there. And I’m here so I will show you how! If you are wondering How To Join Hive with Crack Account then you are in the right place! Let’s get just right into it!

Were you wondering How To Join Hive server with Cracked Account or How To Join Hive Server using Tlauncher? Then this article is just right for you! I will show you the easiest and fastest way to get into the hive server. You can also find ip of the hive server down below so you don’t have to google it anymore

What is Hive server?

Hive server is one of the best Minecraft Servers out there. You can find hive ip server down below. The server offers lot of minigames such as Bedwars, Skywars or Hunger Games. As a cracked minecraft user, you don’t have access to this server. But you are reading this article and I will show you how to get in hive server with cracked account! Follow my steps to achieve this and you won’t regret!

Need a video tutorial?

If this Minecraft Tutorial doesn’t work for you then don’t hesitate. You can always check out my YouTube Channel where I have a video tutorial on How To Join Hive Server in Tlauncher. It is much better for someone to do that this way. I would prefer video tutorial as well.

I have plenty of Minecraft Content on my YouTube channel so make sure you check it out. Especially if you are a Tlauncher player or you play on some different Minecraft Cracked Client. If you are struggling with FPS on your Minecraft then I have a tutorial on that as well! I just want to tell you that you will find much more tutorials there and you should check it out.

Do you want to play on Hive Server with Cracked Account?

All you have to do in order to play Hive Server in Tlauncher is to follow all of my steps. These steps are simple but if you do any mistake then you have to do it all again. I have a YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros and you can find a video tutorial on How To Join Hive Server with Cracked Account. It may be easier for you to just watch the video instead of reading this article.

Before we get to this

I just want to say couple of words before we get to this. This may not work for everybody, I’ve found that this method only works for someone. I don’t know why but it is true. Please follow my steps carefully so it will work for you too! Take a deep breath and read the text carefully, it will help you to focus. If you follow my steps then you will achieve to play on Hive Server with Tlauncher! Hive Server IP is down below.

First Off

open Tlauncher. Make sure you signed in, if not just simple create an account here: tlauncher.org and then sign in in the tlauncher launcher. This is pretty easy and you can get a Tlauncher Skin if you do this. I suggest you to sign into your Tlauncher Account to join hypixel with cracked account.

Turn on Tlauncher

simply hit that play button (I suggest you to be on 1.20 version) also make sure you have a version 1.20 with the blue TL icon on the left. Once you are in the Minecraft Menu go to Multiplayer and add server, paste in the IP: mc.hypixel.net and rename the server to Hive server. Click add, and now you should see hypixel.

Click on join

The last step to know How To Join Hive with Cracked Account is to join the server. Double click on the server or click on the server and hit join button and wait until you are joined. Once you are there you can enjoy amazing hypixel server! I hope you like this amazing tutorial on How To Join Hive Server with Cracked Account. Join my YouTube channel to see more videos like this!


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