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How To Download Lucky Block 1.20.6 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4 (2023)

This article will show you How To Download Lucky Block Mod in Minecraft 1.20.6! Lucky block is a simple mod that adds lucky block into Minecraft and when you break them they will give you a random reward. Sounds good right? Sometimes the rewards are good but sometimes they are bad and will cause damage to your world. It’s up to you if you break the lucky block or not! But this is really exciting and funny. Let’s get into How To Download Lucky Block Mod in Minecraft!

Step 1) Download Forge

If you want mods in Minecraft you have to have fabric or forge. For Lucky block mod you have to have Forge Mod Loader. Forge is super easy to install and download. Just simply go to forge website and download Forge for Minecraft 1.20.6. Drag and drop it onto desktop and open it. Install it and after you have Forge instsalled, you can continue reading this tutorial on getting Lucky Block to Minecraft 1.20.6!

Step 2) Download Lucky Block Mod

Before you are gonna install Lucky Block you have to download it either. Let’s get into it. You can download Lucky Block by the link linked above, simply click on it. This will take you to Lucky Block website. Once you are there, scroll to the bottom and you should see Lucky Block section on the left with a download button. Click on download and this should take you to Lucky Block version page. Click on the download next to the version you want. Just make sure it’s the same version like your Forge.

Step 3) Install Lucky Block

After you have Lucky Block downloaded, hit the Windows Key on your keyboard and R key at the exact same time. This will led to open up Run program where you have to type %appdata%. This will open a roaming folder where you find a folder called .minecraft, open it. Find a folder called mods (if you can’t find one just create a new one). After you’ve found it just simply drag and drop the Lucky Block Mod 1.20.6 into it.

Step 4) Have fun with Lucky Block

That’s almost it! You have now installed Lucky Block 1.20.6 and all you need to is to open Minecraft Launcher. Find a version called Forge 1.20.6 and hit that play button. Wait until Minecraft is fully loaded and create a new world or select your current world and enjoy Lucky Block 1.20.6! This was really Quick and Easy Minecraft Tutorial and thank you for choosing me!


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