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Origins Mod for Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

Let me show you more about Origins Mod 1.21 for Minecraft. This mod allows you to choose your past, where are you from and stuff like that. With Origins Mod 1.21, you will explore the Minecraft World without being a normal Steve, you will choose from many new races like: Arahnic, Feline, Avian, Merling, Phantom or Blazeborn!

This is really exciting, right? Each of the race has a trait, it might be totally useful or totally useless, how obvious. Many people will like this mod because you can just start being a new brand, new self.

Accept new challenges that the adventures will bring and beat the whole world of Minecraft. Each race has a different special abilities, so it depends on what race you choose. There are a good abilities and the bad abilities, it depends on what you choose.



  • 0 fall damage
  • You can jump higher when you are sprinting
  • Dark vision
  • You scare crepeers away


  • You have only 8 hearts of life
  • Can only mine natural stone



  • You will instantly get Elytra wings by nature, you will never lose them
  • Every 30 seconds
  • You can launch yourself into the air 
  • Double damage while you are flying.


  • Elytrian can only wear a light armor (armor with low protection value)
  • More kinetic damage (fall damage, flying into blocks damage and stuff like that)
  • Receives a stacking debuff (slowness and weakness) when you are in a place where the ceiling is low



  • Permanent slow falling
  • You are quicker when walking or sprinting


  • You can’t eat meat
  • You have to sleep only at high altitudes



  • Phantom can walk through solid blocks while you are in Phantom state
  • Invisible while in Phantom state


  • You get hunger much more quicker while you are in the Phantom state
  • Begins to burn in daylight when you are invisible
  • You have only 6 hearts of life

How To Download Origins Mod for Minecraft 1.21

Before we get fully into this tutorial, let’s talk about what you will need. As always, we are gonna need two files, the Origins Mod 1.19 and Forge. It’s not hard to get those, just follow all of my steps. Let’s get into this! At first, please scroll down and click on the origins mod download link.

It will take you to my redirection website that I have made myself so don’t worry it’s not adfly or something like this. In there, click on download again and then you will finally appear on the website where you can download this mod without any problems. Then take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Let’s download Forge now. It is just the same as the step number one, click on the link and go through the redirection website, you will end up on the official forge website where you can find 1.21 version and you can finally download that. Without any more issues, take the file and drop it on the desktop and let’s move forward.


How To Install Origins Mod for Minecraft 1.21

Let’s install the mod now. We have to get into the roaming folder, I’m sure you know what I mean by that, if not, then just follow my steps. Open the Windows Search Bar, you can find it on the left down corner of your screen, type in %appdata% and then hit enter.

The roaming folder will pop up and you can finally open minecraft folder, so do it please and then scroll down until you find mods. Now drag and drop in the origins mod 1.21. With this, you installed the mod, but we have to install Forge as well in order to work.

Please go to the desktop and double click on Forge, the installation window will appear and you can finally install it now. Enjoy this amazing tool!

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