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How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a!

In this article I will show you How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a! This is just a quick and easy Minecraft Tutorial but I believe that you will love that. Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a is finally out and that means that the Minecraft 1.20.6 will be out very soon. It will mostly fix the bugs and stuff like that. I’m actually looking more forward to Minecraft 1.19 because I believe that it will be huge UPDATE! Let’s get into this tutorial

Were you wondering How To Download Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a or How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a? Then this article is perfectly for you! I will help you and will show you everything from the scratch. It is pretty easy to install snapshot 23w41a in minecraft. Actually you can only change the version in the Minecraft Launcher. But I want to show you the way where you have to download Minecraft Launcher as well in order to play. Neverthless, let’s get to the tutorial

First thing to do

The super first thing to do is to follow my steps carefully. It might sound stupid but if you take a deep breath and focus on what you are reading then you will stay focused and concentrated. That means you won’t (hopefully) make any mistakes. However, If you find any issues or it just simply doesn’t work for you then don’t hesitate. You can contact me on my YouTube channel or here on my website. I also have a discord server so that might be the option as well. I’m active like 24/7 so I will respond ASAP.

Let’s get into it!

First off, download the Minecraft Launcher. There are many ways to do this. The first way to do it is to scroll down and click on the download link. It will redirect you to my redirection website where you click download again. Now you should appear on the official Minecraft website where you download the Minecraft Launcher. Download it and drag and drop it into the desktop. The second way is to go into the Microsoft Store and download the Minecraft Launcher. This is actually way easier but it’s up to you what you choice. Let’s say you chose the first way.

Install the Minecraft Launcher

You have the Minecraft Launcher in the desktop but in order to play minecraft snapshot 23w41a, you have to install it. Double click on it, agree with everything and then hit install button. It may take some time but wait a little bit. Once it’s done open the launcher. Now you can see the current version which is Minecraft 1.18.1. Go to the Installations tab and make sure you have the little green flag in the snapshot. That means snapshots are enabled. Choose new installation and as a version choose snapshot 23w41a. And that’s kinda it!

What now?

You should also allocate more RAM. It is set to 2GB as default but I recommend to use 4GB at least. If you have a 16GB of ram then use 8GB and if you have 32GB of ram then use 16GB. This will help to increase your Minecraft’s performance. Once you’ve done that, go back and choose the minecraft snapshot 23w41a version. Hit that play button. Now you should have snapshot installed and you can play minecraft snapshot 23w41a! Isn’t that amazing? It wasn’t that hard, right?

That’s it!

That is really everything for this amazing tutorial on How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a. If you have any issues or you need help then contact me. Make sure you check out this website for more exciting Minecraft Tutorials like this or check out my YouTube channel. I have plenty of Minecraft Tutorials there and I’m sure that you will love it. I also have a second website about Tech Stuff and you should check it out too. Link is down below.


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