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How To Install Sodium Mod in Minecraft 1.18

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Sodium Mod in Minecraft 1.18, this will give you huge fps boost and you’ll get no lag minecraft 1.18! And I have great news, nowadays you can use Sodium along with Iris Shaders, that means you can have huge FPS boost and Shaders! Remember: Sodium and Optifine can’t run together! You have to choose which one you pick. Please follow my steps carefully, thank you.

About this article:

Like I mention above, this entire article is dedicated to one thing. Sodium for Minecraft 1.18. This is absolutely amazing Minecraft mod and everyone with low end pc will appreciate it. I mean not only low end pc but medium pcs as well! Thanks to this mod you can enjoy Minecraft with huge FPS boost. Recently Iris Shaders were released, that means you can play Minecraft with Sodium and Iris Shaders! FPS Boost + Shaders, doesn’t it sound exciting?!


Please before you decide to get this mod and everything, make sure you follow all of my steps. This tutorial won’t take you more than 5 to 10 minutes, that means no rush, take a deep breath and follow my steps carefully. If you have any questions don’t hesitate and contact me, I’m more than happy to help you out with everything. You shouldn’t do any mistakes if you follow all of the steps given below.

Sodium 1.18

I hope that you really want Sodium 1.18 Mod for Minecraft and because of that I made this article about it! Sodium is an awesome mod for Minecraft 1.18 which gives you huge FPS boost and lag fix. If you want to have Sodium you have to have Fabric API and Fabric 1.18 installed. But don’t worry, you can find links for all of the files that you need in the bottom. Now let’s get started!

First off

download Sodium, once you click on the url it will redirect you to the download page. Download and drag-and-drop the Sodium into the desktop, please do the same with Fabric API and Fabric. Now, double click on fabric and choose 1.18 version, hit install. Go to %appdata% and go to .minecraft folder where you can find mods folder, drag and drop Fabric API + Sodium into this folder and that’s it!

Do you like Sodium Mod?

If you enjoy this mod as much as I do, you should definitely join into the official sodium discord server. You will find a lot of useful information there, for example Minecraft 1.18 will release in one week now. Thanks to the discord server I know that I can play Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot with Sodium as well. You can download it on github!

Iris Shaders are the best

I know you want to know How To Download Iris Shaders for Minecraft. I have a perfect article on this and you can find it on my website Minecraft Sketch Bros. That tutorial is super easy and it is easier to get iris shaders than Sodium in Minecraft. It’s basically on the same principle but a little bit more easy. You still need sodium, fabric and fabric API tho.

That’s all

This is everything for this tutorial on How To Install Sodium 1.18 in Minecraft! I hope this perfectly works for everyone, if you want more Minecraft Tutorials you can find me on YouTube aswell, I’m there under my nickname Minecraft Sketch Bros. There are plenty of helpful videos so don’t hesitate and go there! Also check out my new Tech Website: https://techbloo.com


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