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How To Install Voxel Map in Minecraft 1.21 → 1.20.6, 1.19.4

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Voxel Map in Minecraft 1.21. Voxel Map is a great mod for Minecraft and you will appreciate it especially if you want Map in Minecraft. This tutorial will show you how to install Voxel Map in minecraft and Minecraft aswell. It works perfectly for both. Let’s get right into this tutorial!

Step 1: Unlock the Power of Voxel Map

To begin your journey, visit the links provided above and click on the illustrious Voxel Map link. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the enchanting realms of CurseForge’s download page. There, you will acquire the wondrous Voxel Map version 1.21. Feel the anticipation surge as you secure the file, gently placing it on your desktop, alongside the treasures of your Minecraft endeavors.

Step 2: Forge a Path to Success

Forge, the foundation upon which mods thrive, beckons you forward. With unwavering determination, download the Forge installation file and gracefully deposit it onto your desktop. Prepare yourself for the next chapter of this installation journey.

Step 3: The Gateway Awaits

Venture into uncharted territory as you embark upon the path to your Minecraft installation. Seek solace in the folders of “%appdata%” and navigate to the sacred realm known as “.minecraft.” As you descend, a hidden treasure awaits—behold the “mods” folder, a sanctuary for your Minecraft modifications.

Step 4: Unleash the Magic of Voxel Map

With the destination in sight, it’s time to infuse your Minecraft world with the wonders of Voxel Map. Take hold of the precious Voxel Map file and gently place it within the mods folder you unveiled earlier. Feel the exhilaration course through your veins as you unlock a multitude of features: checkpoints to guide your way, a comprehensive overview of your surroundings, and so much more!


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