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How To Install Auto Clicker Mod 1.17.1 (2021)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Auto Clicker Mod 1.17.1. This mod is really awesome and it is really just for you. This will help you to enjoy minecraft much more and make your life much easier. Let’s go into this tutorial and I will show you everything.

About this article:

Autoclicker Mod 1.17.1 is a mode just for you, it will automatically click. Yeah that’s why it’s called AutoClicker Mod 1.17.1. All you have to do is to follow all of my steps. It is really simple and I will help you to get this mod as soon as possible. It won’t take more than 5 minutes, if you want to see a video of this tutorial find me on YouTube Toshi 98.

Let’s do this

First off, go to the links above. It will redirect you to the websites where you will download the mod + Fabric. Download it and drag and drop it into the desktop. Now go to the windows search bar and type in %appdata% ->.minecraft -> mods. Drag and drop it all in. And double click on fabric and install.

That’s it!

Now you have installed AutoClicker Mod in Minecraft 1.17.1. Find more articles on my website Minecraft Sketch Bros or go to my YouTube Channels, I have two. The first one is Minecraft Sketch Bros and the second one is Toshi 98. I hope you have enjoyed this article. See you soon


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