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Ultimate Guide To Boost Your FPS in Minecraft Java Edition (2023)

In this article I will show you Ultimate Guide To Boost Your FPS in Minecraft Java Edition! Trust me, if Minecraft is laggy for you then, after reading this article, it won’t ever lag again! This is a great tutorial based on my own experience and works on every device! You have to do some quick ways in order to get this huge fps boost, it works perfectly for low end pc!

How can we achieve more FPS in Minecraft?

Well, there are many ways actually. You can download whole bunch of different texture packs, mods or stuff like this. I will show you everything from scratch and I’m sure you will love it. There’s also some non-Minecraft ways to improve your PC’s performance overall. Don’t worry, this is Ultimate Guide To Boost Your FPS in Minecraft Java Edition and that means that I will show you everything!

Ways to Increase Performance on Low End PC for Minecraft

  • Turn on Game Mode
  • Install Optifine
  • Allocate more RAM
  • Best Optifine Settings
  • Best Shaders Settings
  • Disk Cleanup

If you check the list above, you can see 6 different options. If we combine all of these options, we will get a huge FPS boost in Minecraft and improve performance of your computer! Trust me, this works and it works the way you’ve never imagine. Simply follow all of my steps, don’t do any mistakes. In advance, you will get Minecraft with lots of FPS!

1. Turn On Game Mode

This is the first thing to do here. I suggest you to turn on Game mode on your computer. Since Windows 10, microsoft has added this feature and it works great! This will tell your PC that you are playing games and it will make a bigger priority for your game. This will result in a huge performance boost for Minecraft. The question is, where do I find this?

Well, you can find it in the settings. Open Windows Search Bar and look for Settings. Find Game Mode and make sure it’s turned on. If you have any troubles with this, you can find a video tutorial on YouTube, it’s more easier for you to watch the video tutorial for this. However, I believe that you will find it with no problems.

2. Install Optifine

The second step is Install Optifine. To be honest, this might be the most important thing in order to get more FPS for Minecraft Java Edition. Optifine adds lots of useful features and if you optimize the settings, it will result in huge performance boost. You can also use shaders with optifine! And yes, there are shaders for low end pc too, just check out my tutorial on Low End Shaders.

How Do I Download Optifine? It’s super easy, trust me. Scroll down and find “Downloads”. Click on Optifine, this will redirect to my redirection website. Don’t worry, hit download again and now you should appear on the Optifine Website. Choose the correct version of Minecraft and download it. Open the installationa and install Optifine for Minecraft Java Edition!

3. Allocate more RAM for Minecraft

Another useful and important step in this tutorial. Sometimes, when your Minecraft is laggy, it is because of the RAM. If you have 8GB or 16GB RAM, you should allocate more for Minecraft. It’s set to 2GB by default and this is actually really low. Let me tell you how much GB should you allocate.

Go to the Settings of your PC and right-click on This PC, go to open properties. You will find how much GB of your PC has. Go back to Minecraft right now, open installations tab and click on the three dots next to the optifine version. You will see something like this: -Xm2G-.

Let’s move to the important part. If you have 16GB RAM then please change the Xm2G to Xm8G. If you have 8GB of RAM then change to Xm4G, 32GB -> Xm16G. It’s quite simple right? Always use 50% of your RAM for Minecraft. Trust me, it’s worth changing it.

4. Best Optifine Settings

Well, this is not that easy. I have a video tutorial for you, please check it out here. It’s called Best Optifine Settings. I can’t tell you everything here so you better watch the settings. Follow all of my steps and change the settings like I did. It will be useful for you and help increase Minecraft FPS.

5. Best Shaders Settings

This is quite similar to option number 4. I have a video tutorial on this, you have to check it out. Here is the link. Follow what I did to achieve more FPS on Minecraft Java Edition. Fun fact, you don’t have to do this if you don’t use shaders at all. But if you use shaders, then you should definitely change it’s settings to what I have showed you. Give it a shot.

6.Disk Cleanup

Well, this is not Minecraft-related, but it’s still useful. If your PC is laggy and your disk is full, you should consider cleaning it up. It’s not hard and everyone can do it. Just go to This PC and right-click on Local Disk. Open properties and click on disk cleanup. This will clean up lots of useless application and files on your PC. Might help out with the Minecraft lag fix.

Thank you so much for reading this articles! I really hope you have followed my steps and this helped you with the minecraft lags. That’s everything for this article about Ultimate Guide To Boost Your FPS In Minecraft Java Edition. Check out more stuff of mine!


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